virtual phone numbers

Why use virtual phone numbers?

Would you like to have multiple phone numbers on your single smartphone and avoid buying a second one? Would you like to pay for your calls at the price of a local call in multiple countries? If your answers to these questions are all in favor, we suggest you take a closer look at the virtual number and how you can benefit from it.

What Is A Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is a number that, unlike a traditional number, is not linked to a telephone line. You can receive and make calls through virtual numbers, from your smartphone, computer, or tablet, as any object connected to the Internet can make a call using a virtual number. Another advantage of having a virtual number is differentiation. You can have several numbers from one provider and use them for different purposes. It is a common business practice when a company uses a permanent sms number for conducting business, and a disposable sms number for registering resources on the Internet. This is just an example, but variations in the types of virtual numbers give quite a wide range of possibilities for their use.

Why Do I Need A Virtual Number?

If we talk about a virtual number here, there are several reasons to use it:

  • With a virtual number, you avoid buying a second smartphone and centralize two different phone numbers on one smartphone and one sim card.
  • The virtual number remains particularly useful for making cheap calls abroad. Traditionally, looking at your classic phone number, you incur additional costs when communicating internationally. With a virtual number, you avoid significant costs and get the benefit of calling and texting for the price of a local call.
  • Having a virtual number can serve as a professional number and save you from sharing your personal number with your entire professional field.

In reality, the greeting numbers of large companies have long been virtual numbers. So virtual numbers are already a necessity in business.

How Do Virtual Phone Numbers Work?

Internet connectivity is used by virtual phone numbers to provide coverage rather than a phone company or mobile tower. Users can now be contacted via phone or computer thanks to that. Real-time device switching is another feature it offers.

For instance, you can direct all incoming calls made during working hours to a virtual phone number if you prefer to just be reachable at specific times on your mobile device.

How To Get A Virtual Phone Number?

There are various ways to obtain virtual phone numbers.

  • If your company already uses VoIP, you can upgrade your current package by working with your VoIP provider. Each number typically costs $5 to $10 a month.
  • You can purchase a package that includes a virtual number, a particular amount of extensions, and minutes if you wish to purchase a virtual number. The monthly cost of a virtual phone system package for one or two virtual numbers ranges from $10 to $12.

You can use a supplier that exclusively sells virtual numbers if you don’t already have any virtual numbers. Yet, the two most well-liked providers of virtual phone numbers are

  • Using Google Voice, anyone may get a free virtual phone number that can be used for calls, texts, and voicemails. For laptops or smartphones, it provides a user-friendly app. For up to 10 users in 10 domestic locations, a business plan starts at $10 per user per month.
  • MightyCall is a cloud-based virtual phone system that provides voicemail, voice calls, and text messaging in addition to intelligent call forwarding and call recording.

Benefits Of A Virtual Phone Number:

Capacity To Receive Calls Anywhere:

You can receive calls on your preferred device, wherever you are, at any time, and without being restricted to a certain area. For instance, you may offer a virtual number to a firm employee’s mobile phone if they need to be approachable by phone while they are away but don’t want to disclose their cell phone number.

Incoming Call Allocation:

Companies with numerous offices can benefit from virtual phone lines. Incoming calls can be routed to phones in each office so that just one office’s phone will ring. You can achieve this by designating the destination of your virtual phone line as a call queue or ring group, which will, in accordance with your choices, simultaneously or sequentially ring the phones of all designated members of the queue or group.

Localized Phone Numbers:

You can give your phone line a local area code if your office is at a different location from your clientele. This minimizes the cost of receiving calls while assisting you in establishing a presence in a crucial area. Consumers are more likely to call and respond to calls from local numbers than from numbers with unfamiliar area codes.

Combination With Marketing Campaigns:

Also, you may monitor important consumer data using your virtual phone line. For instance, many CRM systems allow you to assign a distinct number to a particular campaign so you can identify calls for that campaign only based on the number. This information can be used to assess a campaign’s effectiveness.

Fewer Equipment Costs:

Thousands of dollars in equipment and telecommunication costs can be avoided by your company by using virtual phone lines. Virtual phone lines don’t need any gear, equipment, installation, or maintenance because they are entirely digital.

Advanced Features:

If you’re looking for a virtual phone supplier, find out if the business also provides SMS and voicemail services. Three-way calling, ring groups, caller ID, call waiting and forwarding, call recording, and call transfers are examples of services that more expensive and complicated plans frequently include. Check the service’s uptime reliability as well as whether customer support is included as part of your subscription.


Virtual phone numbers have the same 10-digit structure as a typical US landline. Whilst the precise nations may differ by provider, you can obtain a virtual number in the majority of the world’s locations. With a virtual phone number, you can be reached by phone at any time and from anywhere while still protecting the confidentiality of your personal number.