6 Reasons_ Convert Website To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

6 Reasons: Convert Website To WordPress With HireWPGeeks

Are you looking to convert website to WordPress? Then you must read this article. Many people who wish to migrate to the platform are enticed by web-based conversion tools. These solutions can help in migrating the content but provide no guarantees regarding the quality of the final product. It will always be sensible to shift platforms with the help of experienced professionals. The next question that pops up in your mind now is- where to find such able hands? HireWPGeeks is a professional WordPress development firm that is known for its efficient services. The agency houses a separate division that only handles conversion projects. This department is staffed with coders who have considerable experience in converting websites to WordPress from a range of platforms. Read on to know the benefits of hiring the firm for moving your website to the CMS.

1. Upgrade Ready Setups

A good interface is adaptable as well as scalable. WordPress is a platform that enables the creation of a website with both qualities. However, when transferring to the CMS, you need to incorporate some best practices to ensure the final website remains error-free. Updates for the WordPress core and its themes and plugins are regularly released by their respective creators. HireWPGeeks has engaged professionals with extensive knowledge of object-oriented programming and WordPress standards. This helps them fashion interfaces that are compatible with all the upgrades that the platform witnesses.

2. In-built Theme Control Panel

Creating a website with the open source is easy. You only need to pick a ready made theme which best suits your requirements and fit it with necessary elements. Most people want to change the look of the interface at regular intervals. They can do so by installing a new template and deactivating the old one. However, for new users, the process of adding new features to a theme or changing templates can seem complicated. The firm solves this problem by including a theme control panel in all its conversion projects. This helps people in controlling and managing their themes easily.

3. Providing Flexible Solutions

A major reason to convert websites to WordPress is to enjoy the flexibility offered by the CMS. However, you need skilled professionals to be able to fully experience the benefit. HireWPGeeks has devised an array of services and engagement models which can be used by its clients. The firm identifies the requirements of a project and then offers the most appropriate solution along with payment options. Customers can choose a fixed amount to be paid for a specific period in which the project will be done. People requiring short term services can pay at an hourly rate and save money.

4. SEO Compatible Structure

One of the biggest challenges faced by any website owner is in improving the visibility of his/ her interface. They require the help of search engine optimization techniques to enhance their search results rankings. However, if some necessary steps are taken by coders during the migration, then the SEO process becomes even easier. The developers at the firm ensure that the W3C standards are followed while writing the new code. This helps in creating a semantic code which is understood easily by search engines.

5. Framework Development

WordPress has grown to become a multi-faceted platform with a wide range of associated tools. There are numerous frameworks created solely to be used with the CMS. HireWPGeeks, as an agency has the experience of delivering more than 5,000 successful projects to its clients. Its developers have used numerous frameworks and other tools to create high-performance websites. The firm is also known for developing plugins, themes, and providing maintenance services to website owners. All the experience earned by the company makes it a leader in the domain of WordPress development.

6. On-time Deliveries

No matter how skilled a development team is, without efficient management, it cannot deliver quality work on time. HireWPGeeks has engaged project management experts which match the skill sets of the in-house developers with an assignment’s requirements. This is done to ensure that the best team is assigned to a project. It also helps in minimizing the chances of errors occurring during the course of an assignment.

It is commonly felt that projects to convert websites to WordPress are not too complicated. However not hiring a skilled agency like HireWPGeeks will only lead to a low-quality final product lacking productive features.