Coding Made Fun: Entertaining Applications For Teaching Kids Coding

Computer programming is a popular and potentially profit-making profession, which is why these days, some parents aspire their kids to grow up to become software programmers.

Along with a fun environment, computer programming can also assist children to enhance the essential critical-thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. It also inspires kids to become creators and not just users of technology.

If you desire to coach your kids how to program, how and where do you begin? To answer such concerns, you can try some of the child-friendly programming tools and languages in this list.


Tynker is an educational application. The name itself recommends tinkering, which implies getting hands on. As such, Tynker instructs programming impressively. Similar to many applications for children to learn basic programming, Tynker introduces coding with enthusiasm and excitement.

As a platform, it possesses a few selections. Children can code drones and robots, build games and application, explore STEM, and mod Minecraft. Kids start with code utilizing visual blocks before commencing with JavaScript and Python. Along the way, programming centers on tasks, so there is an appealing value program for children.

Since Tynker begins with visual blocks before working up to actual code, there is a noticeable path for learning. An inclusive atmosphere with levels of growing advancement makes Tynker one of the most exceptional methods for children to learn simple programming without needing an instructor.

Why is the game great? The answer is simple, it is free, and offers paid tiers. Tynker also enables kids to make well-ordered tasks and grows as children do.


Minecraft is a very well-known game. Its sandbox approach makes it versatile. Although the game is not specifically intended for children, Minecraft and its age-friendly essence impactfully propose a safe environment for programming.

Lifehacker even emphasizes a parent’s guide to playing Minecraft with kids. A few mods specifically target kids such as the LearnToMod mod gives importance to the interests of children.

On the downside, the game is not initially set up for young gamers. Adults may require completing a bit of main set up. But once created, LearnToModoffers a group of programming education that is effortless to learn.

There is also a successful community online. As most of these applications go, Minecraft is a little bit expensive. But, it holds plenty of assurance with its amusing tutorials which stimulate real programming skills. The Minecraft Pi is an excellent method to get children modding in Minecraft.

What makes the game great? It is because of Mods like the  LearnToMod mod coach kids actual coding skills with lessons.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Dinosaurs are scary and amazing simultaneously, and Daisy the Dinosaur is one of the best coding applications for your kids. Mini-games educate kids the essentials of programming. Like for instance, a loop-de-loop task stimulates kids to use word commands to make Daisy complete particular actions.

Daisy, the Dinosaur, is not only one of the best CodeCamp apps for kids to learn programming because the application includes a dinosaur. Though the dinosaur figure surely helps, the game is more on the brilliant focus of coding along with its tasks and challenges.

Besides, Daisy, the Dinosaur may not be technologically oriented because it is a game more directed to word and puzzle solving. As the game seems to be a bit short, it is free and vitally functional.

What makes the game excellent? It is because Daisy the Dinosaur game is easy, free to play, and attracts even the kids that are non-techie.


The quotation of the game states “programming for kids, made with love.” Its introductory lessons target kids from kindergarten to fifth graders. As the K-3 curriculum becomes foundational, fourth and, fifth-grade learning also progress to a focused set of a topic.

Kodable upholds the quality of programming which teaches JavaScript. Since JavaScript is an excellent language for starters, the basics Kodable applies brilliant programming skills.

Also, progress through lessons remains entertaining. Games enter as a set of challenges such as operating a maze. Kodable does not keep the programming notions too easy. Instead, Kodable even involves actions including looping and branching.

To a great extent, Kodable illustrates if/then decisions first to present the notion of programming. Kodable makes learning about JavaScript amusing by applying common elements of games such as point scoring, rules of play, and competition with others which is an online marketing tactics to stimulate engagement with a product.

What makes the game great? It is because Kodable is web-based and free. It also initiates initial programming ideas such as branching and looping approach.


As far as technology evolves, it may seem that coding is not just exclusive to adults. Children can also learn to code unknowingly just by playing the game they love which is very important for every game offers a variety of problem-solving skills..