Features Your Small Business Website Must Have

We live in a connected world and almost everyone accesses the Internet on a daily basis. If they want to purchase something or find a service, they use the search engines rather than asking their associates or consulting a phone book. If you want to get attention from your prospective customers in today’s connected world, you need to have a solid online presence and that starts with a business website.

An impressive website will introduce your prospective customers to your products and services and give them a means to connect with your company directly. Most modern business owners recognize the importance of a website but don’t understand what a website should include to be successful and appealing to customers. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you start planning a website:

  • What are your goals with your website?
  • What kind of audience do you intend to target?
  • How are you different from your competition?
  • What are your company’s branding philosophy and design?

The answer to these questions would help your web designers understand just what you need. A small business website should have a number of features that would help it stand out and rank high in search engines.

The infographic below describes 50 features that a small business website simply must have and it includes things like a good domain name and logo to technical backend requirements like Webmaster tools integration and optimized coding. Without the features listed in the graphic, your website would lag behind the competition.

Source: 99MediaLab.com.

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