Small Business

Time-Saving Project Management Tips for Your Small Business

Small business is facing equally challenging times as large organizations, where coordinating big teams and coping with multiple tasks is certainly an extremely complex experience. Having fewer resources and a deadline hanging over your head, not to mention all the unexpected situations arising along the way, can really take a toll on those at the helm of small projects and companies. They are trying to bring projects to completion by delivering a product that will satisfy the client’s needs and to do so in a timely manner. And often, it might feel like there are not enough hours in a day. So, it is very important to incorporate certain things into your small business practice that will help you save time while developing a project. When applied correctly, these technical and behavioral tools will not only open up your time table but also make you into a more effective project manager. Here are sometimes – saving project management tips that will make your small business run more smoothly.

The Right PM Software and Tools

By using proper project management software, you can arrange for the whole creative project management process to run more efficiently. However, before you actually pick one, you should make sure it will be an adequate fit for both your team and the type of project you’re launching. Each one of them is incorporating a variety of tools that will help your small business significantly.  Project management software will give you an opportunity to improve your internal and external communication, set milestones, use visualization tools like Gantt Charts to easily track the tasks and handle your resources in a better way. All of this will result in well – organized timetables and cost-effective management.

Learn To Prioritize 

We are living in a fast-paced world and no matter what profession you might be in; it seems like we are all in a constant mode of multitasking. One of the most important characteristics of a good project manager is to know how to prioritize. Although it sounds pretty simple, this is maybe one of the biggest challenges you as a leader of a small business might have to face.

Check on your tasks methodically and recognize those demanding your immediate attention. You don’t want to miss a deadline and have disgruntled client on your hands. This will allow your team to deliver what is needed in a timely manner and keep the business move forward at a steady rate. Prioritizing will definitely make it possible for you to focus on the right assignments and save you from squandering your precious time and energy.

Good Team Communication 

“Effective teamwork begins and ends with communications” – as said by Mike Krzyzewski, the coach of the USA national basketball team and Duke’s Blue Devils. It’s very important to keep your team in the loop and have discussions about any present or potential issues that might affect project development. After all, you all have the same goal. Your team members can provide you with valuable input, offering a different approach to the problem at hand. You can hold meetings, have review sessions or communicate with them via massage boards which are part of every project management software. This way, you can all agree on how to manage your working time and schedule tasks in the most productive manner possible.

Smart Use of Resources 

The success of your project is strongly connected to the way you use available resources. It is very important, for both small and big businesses, to know the capability of the resources and to carefully plan their usage. Among others, this project management segment includes finances, equipment, and human resources. All of these things are essential for formulating a feasible strategy and creating a suitable proposal for a potential client.

Know When To Say No

Granted, saying “No” to a client can be quite hard sometimes, especially if you’re a young company trying to prove itself. Every client is valuable and having a good working relationship with them is important. After all, you’re on their payroll and you want to fulfill their requests in order to provide them with the desired product. However, agreeing with the client’s every suggestion can bring chaos into your team and schedule, leaving you with a little free time. So, before saying “Yes” you should asses if their request is valuable. How will it affect the entire project? Will, it set you back timewise? Will it be a meaningful addition to the product you’re developing? After going through these and some other questions, you can stand before a client and give them your definite answer. But, instead of simply saying “No”, be respectful and make them understand why you’re giving them that answer. Make sure they know you took their suggestion seriously and that your decision is in the best interest of the project.

Mobile Apps 

Good time management leads to high – quality work and products. Thanks to the rise of mobile technology, small businesses can now organize their projects using a variety of apps developed specifically for smartphones. With these apps, you will be able to track work hours and productivity, manage your tasks, organize and communicate with your team, make notes, keep an online meeting schedule and many other useful things.

Mobile applications such as Remember the Milk and Nimbus Note are available for both iOS and Android users and will help you greatly with project management while on the go. Thus save you some valuable time since you don’t need a computer anymore, just a strong internet connection.