Reaching a new edge with the help of POS

The need for some merchant account solutions have also been the priority of any entrepreneur or manager who often manages the sales department. For people who goes through these transactions every day, it is a blessing to have a software that serves for more than one thing at a time. The clover station is a counter that helps managers in managing customers like a pro.

Especially for food joints that operate on the streets slightly different from sit and eat restaurants and mostly dependent upon customers who like to take away the orders or self-service areas a revel point of sale systems can be the ultimate change towards a good service. For those who are new to this term here is a brief description that would provide one with the idea of how these POS system works and could also give one a reason to have it installed as soon a as possible for making better profit and reaching up a higher goal within no time.

Place immediate orders- the clover station helps in updating the kitchen staff as soon as the order is placed by the customer and that too in the correct sense possible. Just a few clicks on the iPad screen and the kitchen staff gets to know what they have to work upon. This helps in cutting off the extra time taken and also eliminates the risk of placing a wrong order to the cook. Huge crowd at times results in to a messy service but with the help of the clover station one would be sure about everything.

Some people likes to go for cashless transactions while some like to pay it via cash. The clover station is a compact machine that accepts all sort of payments and one would not have to look here and there for cash or POS for receiving the payments. It is a compact design that stays at one place and makes it possible to handle any sort of payment within seconds.

The clover station consists of a swipe machine, cash drawer and a printer to print hard copies of bills and order. The software allows one to place order, make bills and receive payments and at the same time one can manage the inventory as well. The kitchen staff can access their station for updating the inventory as the products keeps reducing and the manager can access the data base from the grocery store through the phone that is connected with the clover station to see the updates and the list and buy the items that are needed.

For restaurants where the managers go from table to table for taking orders the revel point of sales system can work as a good menu card that contains all the information about the dish a customer wants to enquire about. One does not have to run into the kitchen or wait for the chef to answer food related queries. One can simply tap over the dish and get to know everything that is included in it.