Online Gaming Technology Today: What Does It Mean For The Future

The online games gained great notoriety from the late nineties with the popularization of the network. When this universe of play and fiction penetrated the Internet went from being a mainly solitary activity to a shared experience. And in this shared experience lies precisely one of the main virtues highlighted by the experts who defend this type of games. Titles with millions of followers around the world such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty and Minecraft encourage partnership and collaboration among its participants.


According to Xavier Carbonell, “What the online gaming player does is prepare for the future”. A young man who is playing these types of games is learning to live in a virtual world and, we more or less will increasingly tend to these virtual relationships at work and education, and possibly also health.

Why Online Gaming?

You might ask that what is so great about online gaming. Some might say that outdoor gaming is better for health. But my dear I would say that indoor online gaming is beneficial too. Education experts insist that teamwork and social skills to collaborate on a common project are core competencies that future generations will need to develop in order to address social, political and ecological challenges and issues that are already being addressed today. For this reason, Carbonell emphasizes that participating in such games and interacting with other players can be a way to prepare for the job market and the academic world of the future. Far from alienating players, the rise of online games has united them more than ever. Online gaming helps to reduce stress on mind, improve will power by keeping the brain active.

What so attractive about it?

Immersive & realistic graphics and interesting storyline, joysticks and VR headsets draws people in & out day after day – thus it makes its avid fans. If you look back in near history, say 5-6 years before now you can easily understand how gaming technology is getting better day by day. Virtual Reality headsets can truly immerge you in a 3D gaming world by tracking your movements. It allows the player to play real character in game as if he is himself in the game. One can experience the Horse racing field effect if he is playing an online Horse racing game using VR handsets. It feels so alive that you can’t determine the difference between the real and virtual. It feels that you are being on a horse for real.


The virtual world becomes addictive, much more than the real world. This virtual version is so popular that it becomes something normal and people demand to do things in this: So welcome to the new era of online gaming. With this technology people can experience the sports and even sports betting in a real life type of way. And you, virtual game player, will need someone who knows how to get around these worlds and how to make them more user friendly. Coincidentally there are few leading sports betting sites in digital market for self-management.
Online games open up new ways of seeing the world, like novels, but they are often out of class because they are new. The main problem, if not the only one, of online games is the ignorance of what its use represents.

Future of Online Games Technology

Are we facing a future of virtual reality? Will we be plugged into a machine for a while? Okay, let’s just-to keep speculating-yes. Let’s assume that the virtual reality peta people start to undertake “trips” longer and longer and real and virtual reality intermingle. Are we prepared for it? Will we know when we are in and when we are out?


It is very obvious that as long as the online games have more realistic thing people will come forward to it. But as the VR technology is costly so in order to make it a must have equipment its price should go lower otherwise max gamers will continue to go more mobile or PC.

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