Is the Dark Web Real?

Not everyone talks about the dark web so before we talk about is the dark web real, we need to know what is dark web actually. Dark web is basically a part of the vast world of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of some special software. Such software allows users as well as website operators to stay anonymous and untraceable. This part of the internet that we address as the ‘dark web’ does not get indexed and is not visible normally. It cannot be accessed from search engines without the use of that special software and certain anonymity tools and services, like the ‘Tor browser’.

Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web

There are some people who confuse the term Dark Web with Deep Web. Though both these terms are related to each other, they aren’t the same. Deep Web is a broader term that refers to the web or the internet that exists in places that cannot be traced by the search engines. This includes all the content including databases and other web services that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines for one reason or the other.

Whereas, Dark Web is a narrower term that covers a little portion of the Deep Web. It is basically the bad part of deep web. This part has been intentionally hidden and is not accessible through the standard web browsers. The content of the Dark Web is found and accessed through the Tor network. But the question that still haunts many is – is the dark web real?

Dark Web really exists

While many still live in confusion about – is the dark web real, some believe that the dark web really exists. It is a place on the internet where people store their information that they don’t want the public to have access to. Thus, not everyone can get access to the information stored at the dark web, and none of the conventional web browsers can get you to that information that lies on the dark web.

If the actual answer to the ‘is the dark web real?’ question is yes, then it gets important to know what can people actually find on these hidden areas of the internet, the deep web, if they get access to it?

The deep web is full of all kinds of creepy porn. There are people sharing nudity and stuff like that through live hidden webcams in the rooms and bathrooms of their own close ones, such as sisters, girlfriends, friends, etc. It’s hell creepy, and disgusting, especially for the ones who are not looking for such content.

Deep web also allows you to get in touch with hackers and get them to hack anything for you, varying from your girlfriend’s FB account to a top confidential database.

Match Fixing
Match fixing is another common thing done on the deep web. You can find all sorts of illegal betting and match fixing going on here.

Not to forget, perhaps the most popular thing happening on the deep web or the dark web is the sale of drugs. You can get access to each and every drug ever made, varying from the premium quality marijuana to acid. This is the really destroyer of our society but is being sold easily and very discreetly with anonymous packaging and delivery through the deep web.

This makes it clear that yes, the deep web and the ‘dark web’ exist. So, the next time someone asks you, is the dark web real, let them know that yes, it is one of the harsh realities of today’s world.Due to the presence of the creepiest things on the deep web, we would like to warn you not to use the deep web at any cost.

Even if you still want to check for yourself, we would like to say that it is damn risky. One wrong take can spoil your life forever. So, even if you choose to explore the deep web for yourself, don’t miss out taking the precautions we are listing below.

Precautions before using the Deep Web
Now that we have talked enough about the deep web and answered is the dark web real, along with warning one and all to refrain themselves and their loved ones from using the deep web, we are listing some precautions that you must take before using it, in case you do.

Use the Tor Browser
The best way to access the deep web is through the Tor browser. Also, it is comparatively safer because the Tor browser protects you by routing your traffic through various different IP locations. This is the reason why your internet connection slows down a lot when you use the Tor browser.

Do not give away any personal details
When you are using the deep web, remember that you must not give away any of your personal details like your email address or name. Doing so will affect your security and anonymity badly.

Don’t Download
It is advised that you must not download from the deep web. Even if you do, keep downloading to a minimum. These security measures are for your own good.

No Video Streaming
Do not stream videos as they give away your real identity and expose you to threats. This holds true for using Flash and Java too. So, avoid all three of these.

Disable Javascript
This is a must.

The Last Words
The dark web and the deep web are not good places to explore. So, we would still advice everyone not to seek more answers to the mysteries that lie behind the world of the deep web. Enjoy using the 10-15% of the internet that you can access easily from your browser and make the most out of what you learn from there. Don’t run after what’s hidden in the deep web or the dark web. It’s not worth your time and efforts.