Best way to make a site like OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is one of the popular subscription-based content creation websites that serve as a platform for performers of all kinds to monetize their influence. OnlyFans, the platform popular for its adult niche, isn’t just for adult performers; it is home to fitness trainers, chefs, photographers, motivational speakers, etc. 

What is OnlyFans, and how it works

OnlyFans is a fan club website or community platform primarily used by adult performers, including celebrities, sex workers, porn models, and adult artists. It is just like any other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, except for the fact that it follows a subscription model where people need to pay to watch the content uploaded by content creators.

Content creators on OnlyFans leverage a combination of free and premium accounts, and users must pay for subscriptions or individual content to access the content.

Creators can set their subscription rates anywhere between $4.99 and $49.99, depending on the content you host. Being a model on OnlyFans, you can also set your subscription rate to free and use other revenue approaches like pay-per-post and tips to make money.

Models with a free OnlyFans account can also live stream their content in real time on OnlyFans. They can also send private messages to their viewers, allowing them to upload new posts, content polls, and more for improved audience engagement and viewership.

Pros and cons of building an OnlyFans like Website

Building OnlyFans like fan club websites allows you to control your adult business completely. Integrating the same features like OnlyFans to cater to your target audience makes it easier to create a brand for yourself to monetize your content.


  • Building your own fan club website allows you to add customized features to beat the fierce competition.
  • You can keep all the money you make for yourself.
  • Owning a fan club website helps you to plan your promotion activities.
  • Track the performance of the fan club platform becomes easy once you start using the admin dashboard with integrated analytics.
  • Get access to the data of models and their fans.


  • Have to plan for marketing activities and arrange the funding for the same.

Essential features needed for your OnlyFans like fan club site

When building an OnlyFans-like website, integrate parts and functionalities relevant to your audience and match your business goals instead of adding all the features you see on the fan club website. 

Now let’s have a look at the important features you must add to your fan club website, like OnlyFans. 

Live streaming

Add live streaming feature so that models can engage in real-time with their fans. They can also charge subscribers extra to access live streams. And the income they make adds to your revenue as well. 

Social sharing features

Models can share their posts on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Features to foster community

Community features like viewing videos later, commenting, liking, and sharing posts, social sharing, etc., help increase exposure and help models to become more prevalent in their niche.

Tipping performers

Fans must be able to tip the performers, which is a great way to make more money.

Scheduling posts

Performers on OnlyFans must be able to create and schedule several posts that can be made available to subscribers whenever needed.

Create interactive polls

Interactive polls are great if you want to improve the engagement of your posts, and they work as a powerful marketing tool. 

Make a business plan

Even before creating a website like OnlyFans, visualize how your website will look like and function. Select a domain name and hosting services and plan the details according to the expectations of the final result. 

When creating a business plan, understand your target audience, and consider the features you want to integrate and the revenue strategies you wish to adopt. 

Your business plan must also explain why it is important for your fans to subscribe to your fan club website like OnlyFans. 

Set your subscription rates

When creating a subscription-based fan club website, never start with higher subscription rates or commission rates. Keep the pricing simple, and you can always increase the price once you establish a strong brand value in the industry. The subscription price you set has a great impact on your audience and the revenue you generate. 

Come up with exclusive ways to attract users

The success of a fan club website depends greatly on the website’s number of followers. If you are an established adult performer or performer in any niche, keep on doing your promotional activities. Keep going once you achieve your desired fan number. Focus on bringing in new followers to keep your fan club website flourishing. 

How to create a fan club website like OnlyFans- The best approach?

When it comes to the development approach, building a fan club website can be done through 2 different approaches. 

Creating the fan club website from scratch or building an OnlyFans-like website using a ready-made clone script. 

The first development method, which means developing an OnlyFans-like website from scratch which, takes more time and cost.

The second approach is the best one, where you can immediately leverage an OnlyFans clone script to create and launch your fan club website. Select a professional OnlyFans clone script like Fans which comes with features like customization, quick deployment, scalability, the addition of third-party plugins, etc., to make your OnlyFans-like website functional and make sure it beats the competition. The time needed to create a website like OnlyFans is minimal, and you can customize your script according to your unique business requirements and goals. 


The creator economy is in its full bloom, and yes, this is the right time to build your own fan club website and enter the industry. Work on creating exclusive content for your fan base to establish a name for yourself in the booming industry. 

If you are a creator, consider the fact that OnlyFans and other similar fan club websites deduct a commission from the performer’s revenue. Building a fan club website is a convenient way to integrate all the functionalities needed to grow your brand and monetize your work.