3 Things about HR and Chatbots You May Not Have Heard Of

Technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, be it networking or ordering food, we use technology in a major way. For instance, mobile technology makes it easy to network, order food and do a lot more than that, all on the go. In fact, mobile has become the lifeblood of our lives. We all know ‘Siri’ and its role in our day-to-day lives. Siri is an intelligent AI-powered chatbot that has become a sidekick for a huge number of population across the globe.

Apparently, chatbots have become a hot thing among businesses in the last few years that help drive critical business operations and departments. Be it the manufacturing or service industry, chatbots are omnipresent driving key business functions/departments and HR is clearly not an exception. Yes, chatbots are taking over the HR ecosystem. As a matter of fact, there is a great possibility that you might hear your payroll and other HR related queries from an AI-powered HR chatbot in your next company.

Here’s how chatbots are putting the smile back on the face of HR:

1. On-demand Support

Chatbots can automate most of the support-related HR functions with regard to payroll enquiry, tax details, etc. Thus, we are witnessing the HR transforming into a strategic entity than a mere support department in an organization. Taking it a step ahead, these chatbots would make the employee-HR experience highly personalized as well as user-friendly. Yes, AI-powered chatbots by leveraging machine learning algorithms will only get better with time.

Most of the enquiries that employees ask the HR would be taken care by chatbots. Most importantly, a chatbot would take up the mundane HR operations and this could be anything from sending out company policies to the new recruits to collecting feedback’s from employees, storing employee data or furnishing payroll/tax details on demand.

2. Personalized Employee Experience

Yes, employees get to enjoy on-demand access to data pertaining to leaves, payroll, etc. An employee simply ought to type in and shoot the message as they would do with a human. The chatbot on the other hand would then decipher these messages by leveraging intelligent machine learning algorithms to come up with relevant answers whilst making the entire communication personalized thus, driving employee experience.

It is the era of millennial’s, who also dominate the working populace in almost every industry vertical today. This is the most connected generation of all, who prefers to receive and send messages on the run through smartphones. This is where chatbots fit perfectly when it comes to simplifying mundane HR related concerns. Chatbots can be of great use here to serve to the needs of employees working from remote location, who lack direct access to HR. Communication would be much faster and seamless with the help of a chatbot here. Here, equipping the HR with a cloud based HR software would serve as icing on the cake, since a cloud HR software by providing a centralized HR database makes available all the needed information at fingertips.

3. Simplifies Onboarding

Of all the various roles and responsibilities managed by HR, onboarding employees is certainly the most important yet, sophisticated task. A chatbot can make this quintessential HR process streamlined and simple. Fortunately, most of the HR solutions today come with a built-in HR chatbot to help with training and employee onboarding. For instance, a chatbot would be assigned to take care of most commonly asked queries put forth by new recruits thus, freeing up the HR. Most importantly, a chatbot would do this in real-time.


No! Chatbots are not here to steal the job of an HR. Rather they are here to save time and efforts for the HR folks. Long story short, a chatbot by automating key routine chores for the HR would help them focus more on other strategic functions that call for higher level of human intelligence and intervention. Chatbots can quickly extract the required employee data on demand or shoot out notifications pertaining to upcoming company events, holidays, etc. Though the inception of HR solutions has significantly simplified lives for HR professionals, AI-powered chatbot is icing on the cake.

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