New Driving Laws Starting in 2020

New Driving Laws Starting in 2020: California Edition

As California residents take to the highways in 2020, they should be aware of the state’s new driving laws for the new year. These updates reflect the changes in lifestyle and technology that impact the way we drive. Familiarize yourself with the state’s 2020 driving law updates and consult with a Sacramento traffic ticket lawyer if you face a court date for a driving violation.

HOV Lane Eligibility

If you drive a used car with former eligibility for a white or green clean air vehicle decal, you may be able to access high-occupancy vehicle lanes through 2023. However, eligible drivers must have an annual income of at least 20% less than the median California income.

REAL ID Enforcement

Beginning in October, individuals will be unable to access military bases, federal facilities, and domestic flights without either a passport or a state REAL ID card. To get this type of ID, you must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles with:

  • Two documents that prove your California residencies, such as a bank statement or utility bill with your address
  • One document that proves your Social Security number
  • One document that proves your identity, such as a birth certificate or passport
  • An official name change document if your legal name is now different than the name on your identity document

Cannabis Consumption

Until the end of 2019, passengers in a camper, taxi, limousine, bus, pedicar, housecab, or similar vehicle could legally consume cannabis products. In 2020, those actions may result in the need to hire a DUI lawyer in California.

Bicycle and Motor Scooter Operation

As a motorist, be aware of new driving laws that affect how bicycles may share the road with vehicles. Under new driving laws that took effect for 2020, bicycles can either turn or travel straight when it is safe to do so at intersections that allow drivers to go only right or left. Signage, pavement markings, and striping will be implemented by the DMV to reflect intersections where this new law applies.

While motor scooter operation previously required an M2 permit or driver’s license, this restriction has been lifted for 2020. Anyone with a valid permit or license in any class can now legally operate a motor scooter.

License Suspension

As of 2020, the courts cannot suspend the driver’s license of a person convicted of a non-driving offense. Examples, where this practice was previously common, include convictions for vandalism and sex work.

DMV Appointments

It is now illegal for anyone to sell or offer to sell his or her appointment at a California DMV office. Profiting from a DMV appointment can result in fine and other sanctions.

Licenses for Foreign Service Personnel

If you or your spouse are enlisted in the U.S. Foreign Service, new laws apply to your driver’s license. This type of license is now valid whenever the individual is out of state for 30 days after he or she comes back to California and/or honorably discontinues service.

A lawyer for speeding ticket can help protect your interests if you are accused of these or other state driving infractions. Attorneys who specialize in driving defenses have experience navigating the court system and helping drivers move forward after a costly ticket.