Tips for a Better Ecommerce Website

7 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Traffic

Do you want to increase your profits on your online e-commerce store? Yes, this is what you and every other entrepreneur wants. First, how will you increase your sales? This is a question most e-commerce store owners ask themselves. Increasing your traffic improves your chances of more sales leading to huge profits.

So, how will I be able to increase traffic on my e-commerce store? Through search engine optimization techniques, you are able to increase your sales. You can learn about the best SEO techniques that will increase the traffic on your e-commerce store.

Therefore, the following are the best 7 ways you can use to increase traffic on your e-commerce store.

1. Website Speed

Many online buyers require an e-commerce store that loads faster. So, if your website loads slowly you will not be getting the desired number of customers. You should ensure that the speed of your site is fast at all times. Regularly ensure you check the speed of your site using relevant tools.

Additionally, a huge number of online customers will quit visiting your site if it takes time to load. This is because they require purchasing goods within the shortest time. Therefore, if you really want to increase your traffic ensure you check on your site’s speed. Ensure that your website fully loads in less than three seconds. This will make customers like your site because of its speed.

2. Social Media Advertisements

Currently, most people in the world are using social media platforms to access information. You should take advantage of this. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many others are the best to increase traffic to your e-commerce store.

If you check the trend by the most online business they are using these channels to get more customers. Certainly, through this method, most businesses have thrived. So, if you are looking for a way to increase traffic ensure you use social media to advertise your e-commerce store. Ensure you analyze all social media platforms and know how to create your advertisements. Also, make them attractive for your potential customers.

3. Search Engine Optimization

This is a phenomenon known or should be known by all online users. If you want to really increase your traffic without no struggle, then ensure your SEO is on point. You can learn about the best SEO techniques to use on your e-commerce store by asking help from Joel House SEO Expert.

In addition, SEO contributes to over 90% of traffic online. Therefore, knowing how search engine optimization works in order to be able to get more traffic. Also, having knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO will really help you gain more people who visit your e-commerce store. Finally, most online stores use SEO to reach out to their target customers. But before dwelling on search engine optimization ensure you learn about it conclusively. This will help you even if you outsource your e-commerce store optimization to relevant experts.

4. Email Marketing

You need to take advantage of technological advancement to grow your business. Email marketing is a strategy used by most e-commerce store owners. Through email marketing store owners are able to send a particular message to a group of individuals who are seen as potential customers.

This method of traffic generation is cheaper and quicker. You don’t have to invest more in order to get the desired traffic. However, you should consider the number of emails you send to an individual. Some get tired of the emails and never bother to look at them. Additionally, ensure your email is captivating, this will make the customer visit your site to check on your products.

5. Free Shipping

Remember that you own an online e-commerce store. And what most customers check is if you offer free shipping. I assure you that if you offer your customers free shipping when they order goods worth a certain amount, for example, $100 then your traffic will definitely increase.

Most customers tend to advise each other on the best e-commerce store if it has free shipping. For that reason, ensure you offer your customers free shipping this will enable them to visit your site every time they want to purchase or look for a certain product. Furthermore, if you take a look at many e-commerce stores they offer free shipping to their customers.

6. Exceptional Customer Reviews

Product reviews are very important. If you have positive customer reviews on your e-commerce store, then most customers will be more willing to order goods from your store. This is because most customers tend to read customer reviews first to know if you sell high-quality products.

So, ensure that your customer reviews always stand out. This will also help you to generate more traffic. But ensure the customer reviews are genuine. This will also help you build trust with your customers.

7. Know your Customers Wants

Having the best knowledge about your customers is very important in achieving traffic increase. However, if you don’t have a clue about what your customers want how will you are able to satisfy them? Ensure your e-commerce store caters for all customers equally.

By doing this you will be able to create trust between you and your customers and also build a long-term relationship. So, for an increase in traffic this ability to understand your customer’s wants is very crucial.


The desire of traffic generation has made e-commerce store owners go an extra mile. But what if you are new in this market what the things you need to consider are? The above ways are the best ways you can use to increase traffic to your e-commerce store.

These strategies will work for you if you do them correctly. Also, you need to keep in mind that you have competitors and if you are unique you will be able to attract more customers. If traffic on your store increases, then profits will definitely increase. So, if you want traffic increase in the above ways are the best.