Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note
Hipster Writing SEO Concepts on his Note

Some Tips For Better Content Optimization

SEO is the most important element in digital marketing. It is not only about getting links. The in page contents is the main reason to achieve better SEO. Here are few tips on the best content optimization for pages and articles.

Content Optimization


Most important part of the Content Optimization. Keywords are the core of your page visibility on search engines. Doing the right keyword research is the key to success in SEO world. You should be always targeting the higher search volume with the lower competition. Maybe it is a hard equation to achieve but with some searches, you can easily achieve that.

Start your keyword research by using some keyword suggestions tools on the internet. Google keyword planner is one of the best, you can use it to get the best suggestions of keywords to use. Also, it can calculate monthly search volume and competition.

After picking the most useful keywords for you. It is time to position the keywords in its right place on the page. keywords used in the page is divided into two sections.
Focus keyword: your main keyword that you are targeting ( highest search volume ).

How to use your focus keywords in the page :

  • Use it in the title of your page.
  • include it in the first paragraph of your article.
  • Add an H1 tag contains it.
  • Use it as the alt text for the first image in your article.
  • Also, add it at least in one of your headings.
  • Use the keyword in the article’s body but make sure that keyword density is not less than 1% and not higher than 3%.

Secondary keywords: few other keywords that can bring visitors to your page. You can just use it in a heading and mention few times in the body. And always remember the keyword density.

Number of words

Search engines don’t love short articles that much. But still useful content is the main target of search engines. So, that means a short useful article is better than the long useless articles that are just stuffed with useless content.

Remember to always check your competitor’s articles and find out how much words they write. And try not to be way lower than them.

Formatting your article

All the time make sure to include heading and subheadings. Search engines give priority to keywords that are in H1 than H2, H3 etc..

Also, avoid adding more than one H1 tag on your page or it will be really confusing for search engines.
And don’t forget to use lists. Either bullet or numbered lists are very useful in your page. As it provides a good Google friendly formatting, And also makes it easier to read.


This is a very important part that most of the people ignore. When you are doing a content optimization you should not just care about having google friendly content. But also you should worry about human-friendly content. Achieving a higher readability score is very useful for the website. Google and search engines really care about the user experience you give to visitors. And for sure having an easy to read the article is very satisfying for visitors.

To get a higher readability score you need to care about main three things:

  • Having short and useful sentences is the first thing you should care about. A single sentence should not be more than 20 words.
  • Try not to give them big paragraphs that may cause some confusion for visitors, 3 sentences in every paragraph is ideal.
  • Do not use a lot of passive voice in the article. You should use ( People are using google) instead of ( google is being used by people).
  • Don’t use the same word as a start for more than 2 sentences that comes after each other.
  • Use transition words like ( And – Also – So that – Because ). In every chance, you get to use them. (search transition words for more details).

Finally, use one of the readability score checker tools online to measure your readability. Try not score lower than 60. Remember to check on your competitors score and always avoid to get a lower score.

Internal Linking

Very important step in content optimization. Linking to your site is a great method to get higher rank in search engines. But internal links is the main reason that lets your backlinks help your whole website to rank faster.
You have to use internal linking to pass your Link Juice from page to another. Links between your own pages and articles are very useful.

When creating an internal linking structure. You should always make those links related and naturally flowing. Never link totally different pages to each other, that would never help.
For example, if you have a page that is talking about some video game. it’s not right to link to a page that is talking about cryptocurrencies. But it will be great to link that article to another page that contains a review for some games console like Xbox or PS.

You should read more about how link juice works on your website. To create a complete view of how should you link your articles together and get the best out of it.

Also, you should have some outgoing links to pass some of your link juice to another website. Google and other search engines love those websites that have a lot of incoming links and also mentioning other websites in between the articles (preferred to be websites with the same niche).


The hardest part of SEO, getting backlinks is not easy because you have to get links from websites with a niche that is very close to yours. This backlink passes Link juice that affects your Domain Authority which is the mean elements that will help you to rank higher in search engines.

With a good internal linking, you can make sure that you are not just ranking up on one page. But in fact, you are passing link juice from page to another which helps your whole website to rank up faster in google and search engines.


Main things to focus on while doing your perfect content optimization :

  • Keywords
  • Number of words
  • Readability
  • Formatting
  • Internal Linking

Also, try not to ignore how easy will your visitors read your words. Don’t ignore adding pictures to your page which can be an eye candy for visitors that will help you to give better user experiences.