5 Major PPC Myths Debunked For Businesses

PPC or Pay per Click is the paid search marketing technique that is held in high reverence for delivering immediate results for businesses in terms of search rankings. Even though much has been said about the speed and efficacy of this tool, there are some myths and misconceptions that shroud PPC marketing. Let us give you more idea about this technique so that you can understand the value it can bring to your digital marketing strategy.

Myth 1: If you rank high on SEO, there is no need for PPC

Getting success with your SEO strategies can be a great achievement but this does not eliminate the need for PPC. In fact, the two techniques working together can boost each other for much better results. If you buy ads for the keywords that are already ranking with SEO, you are achieving another space on the search result page. In this way, PPC improves the chances of the potential customer clicking the organic link.

Myth 2: No one clicks on PPC ads

If you think that PPC is not worth the investment and effort because no one clicks these ads, it is time to get your facts right. In reality, more than a half of the online users cannot make out the difference between PPC and organic listings. So technically, these are the same for them and the chances of clicking these ads are as many as those for clicking the organic links.

Myth 3: PPC is too expensive and can topple your marketing budget

Another PPC-related myth that needs to be demystified is that it can burden your marketing budget. It can be expensive but you can economize it by setting both daily and monthly budgets. Once you have this done, you will not be able to spend more than the budget unless you change it. This gives you a complete control on the amount you spend and the way you spend it. The paid ads are visible till the daily budget is depleted and then they will appear only on the next day when funds are added to your PPC account.

Myth 4: You can just set a campaign and forget it

Setting up a PPC campaign initially is a quick and easy job but this does not mean that everything is done. You need to check your account periodically and optimize the elements such as the landing page, ad copy and keyword list to ensure that you are able to get results from the campaign. Partnering with an expert like https://www.bearfoxmarketing.com/ keeps you on the top of the game as they ensure that your campaign is well optimized throughout its lifespan.

Myth 5: You need to bid high to get top placements for successful results

This is another widely prevalent misconception about paid search marketing. Primarily, bidding high is not guarantee that your ad will get top placement. Google ranks ads on the basis of quality score in addition to bids. Factors like landing page relevance and quality of the ad copy determine the quality score of your paid ad. The second fact to note is that you may not get the highest conversions even if your ad secures the top spot.

Once these myths are cleared out, you can get better results from your PPC campaign and ensure that they get more leads and conversions for your business.