5 ways startups can boost their Instagram audience

Instagram is a now among the top social media marketing platforms in the world, and most of us are addicted to it. Today if you are starting a business and you are looking for a massive following you will need to run a successful social media marketing campaign. Having a social media marketing account, not just on Instagram but any platform helps you to drive the audience to your business. If you are starting new and are trying to run a successful Instagram marketing campaign then you will need a big audience to follow you, and in order to get more followers, you will have to work really hard. Here in this article, we will tell you five ways in which you can boost your Instagram audience. Check out GetInsta to get free Instagram followers instantly.


Promote your account

Well, if you want a big audience for your new Instagram account you are not going to get it by just sitting there. If the others are not aware of your Instagram account how are they going to follow you then? You can promote your account in various ways. You can ask your current customers kindly to follow you on Instagram. You can use your other social media profiles for getting more followers; share your Instagram link with them and they will know you exist. Also, you can add your Instagram handle to your business ads, cards or flyers. If you send regular emails to your customers you can add your Instagram link in your emails as well or you can add your Instagram information in e-newsletters.

Take advantage of hashtag feature

If you want to gain more followers on your news Instagram account, you will have to use the hashtag feature in the right way. Many of us do not utilize the hashtag feature in a good way and we do not make the most of it. When using hashtags make sure you are not overdoing it. Use a unique hashtag and use precise words. Also, you can use various Instagram tools that help you in making better hashtags. Search for the top hashtags and make sure you include them in your posts as well. By using the right hashtag your post will reach to more people and this way you will get more followers as well.

Post more often

If you are not posting enough content on your Instagram account and yet you are expecting your account to grow then you will not see any progress at all. If you want more followers you will need to make more posts. If you are not posting enough then your existence is unknown to the Instagram audience. So make sure you keep posting regularly and stay consistent. Make your posts attractive as well and add creativity to it to make them appeal more audience. You will also need to make sure that you don’t overwhelm your audience. Don’t get carried away and start posting too much content because that will also have a negative impact.

Buy followers

If you are having trouble in getting more followers, then there is an easy solution to it as well. Many Instagram tools let you buy followers online. You can buy followers for your Instagram account by using services like Vibbi. Vibbi is designed especially for Instagram users and it helps you in buying more followers, likes, and views.

Follow more accounts

One way of getting more followers is by following businesses and people on Instagram. No one is going to follow you straight away unless you are a huge brand. So, follow other people and businesses and many of them will follow you back as well. By doing this it makes things easier for you and you can increase your followers.

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