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How Can I Boost Up My Laptop Speed?

Some of the information found on blogs such as the one by  AGR Technology can provide tips to speed up your old laptop or PC.

In the world of technology, there is no time to wait – if there is a problem with your laptop, it needs a quick fix. There are no two ways about it. As the usage of a laptop increases, as you install more software, it puts a strain on the laptop’s memory and hardware capabilities. This causes it to slow down drastically.

Slow laptops can be very annoying, and not all of us are accustomed to it. It seems better to pack it up and get hold of a new one. However, there are some measures you can take to improve the performance of your laptop. Here is a rundown of all the steps you can take to enhance your laptop speed.

Steps to Boost Laptop Speed:

  • Delete unused programs:

The first step to enhance laptop performance is to delete the unused programs. Over time, users install applications that take space in memory and hardware. Hence, getting rid of them is beneficial.

According to Microsoft, it is significant to delete utility program, virus scanners, and backup applications because they often run automatically after start-up, which most of the individuals don’t know about it.

  • Put a stop to programs running after start-up:

Many applications start to run as soon as the laptop starts working. Some might be necessary, for example, antivirus software, while others might be of no use.

Therefore, press right clicks on the taskbar and select Task Manager, or you can press Ctrl+ Shift+ Escape to initiate the Task Manager. Head over to the start-up tab, and now you can view applications that begin to run as soon as the laptop starts. You will be able to observe its impact, go through these, and decide. For a program to deactivate, clicks disable.

  • Get rid of Malware:

Malware is present in the laptop in many forms including, spyware, adware, backdoors, worms, ransomware, and more. It seems like a discouraging chore, but with a careful and rapid response, you can eradicate it.

We suggest you to use advanced anti-malware software to identify and eliminate the virus or other online threat that has made antivirus programs archaic.

  • >Clean up your Laptop:

As you begin to use your laptop, the operating system, as well as other applications, create and leave behind a lot of data that requires deleting on time. The data occupies space, thus resulting in the slow running.

Fortunately, windows come up with software like this, that clean recycle bin; remove temporary and system files, which are no longer required. You can also transfer your pictures, videos, and important documents to an external hard drive, which free a vast amount of storage.

  • Regulate power options:

Windows offers a wide range of pre-set power plans, which present the idea to balance account performance and energy consumption. At times, the power saver plan does not prove to be a good impression because it reduces the performance of your laptop to save energy.

Thus, you can opt for a high-performance plan which consumes more energy but enhances the laptop performance. Other than standard options, you can customize your power plan. Agrtech can provide some helpful information about this.

  • Update your drivers and applications:

Your laptop requires keeping the software and applications up-to-date. It helps to maintain security and performance. A notification is sent automatically when an upgrade is requisite. Thus, never turn off the notification bar.

If you missed an update, go to settings, and click on the update bar. Check your update and plan your next click accordingly.

  • Clean your laptop physically:

Most of the users do not pay heed towards cleaning their laptops physically. It is vital since dust and grime accumulate in your mainframe. Hence, it is significant to clean your personal computer physically, because it prevents overheating and improves cooling capacity.

Another alternative idea is that you can introduce thermal throttling (a technique where the frequency of your CPU is adjusted).


Whether it happens gradually or over time, we all hate slow working laptops. And not always, we can trade our laptops; therefore, a little maintenance necessitated to boost up your laptop speed.