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Why do we still play World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft has become the most famous MMORPG game in the world. Entire generations of gamers grew up playing this game. But at the same time, even those people who started playing almost two decades ago also continue to play it!

What is the secret of its popularity? We will analyze this in the article. First of all, this is a deeply thought-out and complex world with a huge amount of diverse content and tasks. Players complete missions, go through dungeons, collect loot and upgrade heroes. At first, for a beginner, this can be quite difficult, and that is why many people buy wow boosts. This legal service is available to any player nowadays, making the game much easier and even more enjoyable. Tasks are performed by professional gamers who will help any player save time on leveling up a hero, collecting and completing raids, dungeons, and quests.

On November 28, 2022, the next addition to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was released. We will talk about how successful the release will be later. In this article, we propose to remember and reflect on how this game attracted millions of users to its servers and is deeply rooted in the hearts of gamers.

How it all began

For those who didn’t play WoW, we will observe the basic concepts of the game universe.

You should express your gratitude to the American game creator Blizzard Entertainment for the birth of this masterwork. The Warcraft world is a never-ending epic about the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance, two rival groups that occasionally call truces in order to battle a shared foe in the face of absolute evil. A crucial issue is that the universe’s history began far earlier than the first World of Warcraft expansion.

The game Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, whose debut took place in the distant year 1994, served as its inspiration. The same kind of game then featured twice more after that. With very limited gameplay skills, the plot has been developed to the point where it will outperform certain well-known TV episodes and movies. However, the 2004 launch of the MMORPG World of Warcraft brought the Warcraft world its greatest level of success.

WoW has a huge map, an innumerable number of players, hundreds of different dungeons, thousands of quests, and quite usable graphics. World of Warcraft was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling MMO game. The developers noted that over 100 million accounts were created on the official servers in the ten years after the launch of the game.

So, the Warcraft universe is simply enormously large. There are several locales throughout the game. A few substantial books are required to cover the beginning of the realms, the interaction between species, the trials of the titans, and aspects. Many really genuine game enthusiasts admit shamefully that they themselves do not completely comprehend how all the mythology is interwoven.

The secret of popularity

Let’s be honest: games of the presented genre are not accepted to be highly appreciated. And most often, such an attitude is quite justified, because senseless running around in order to measure skills and destroy everything that can be destroyed is doubtful leisure. Of course, in World of Warcraft, there are notorious fights with all sorts of evil spirits. But we are not interested in this, we consider games as art. So, there is enough art in World of Warcraft.

This is a whole new world created to reflect, comprehend and interpret reality with all its ironic intricacies, conventions, and, of course, problems. And here you can painlessly for a real-life feel for yourself what vices, delusions, and other amazing features of human nature lead to.

The video game World of Warcraft has become a worldwide sensation. The universe of Warcraft is comparable to Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings,” although, unlike that work, it is continually expanding and taking on new forms, making it the most developed standalone game available right now.

This is one of the few games that fulfill all the tasks and is suitable for everyone: PvP competitions, exploring the world and history, closing raids and miscalculating enemy mechanics, and communicating with people from different cities and countries. It is an incredibly interesting and cosmically huge universe with diverse characters. Tragic destinies, betrayals, love, lust for power, humility, honor, and a bit of humor – that’s what World of Warcraft is made of.

Despite the fact that the game contains many heroes, each character has a biography that is written down. You can relate to each of them, and each time, you consider what could have occurred if things had gone differently. You have the potential to play a significant role in the Warcraft universe in any capacity.

Here everyone will find something to their liking: complete quests and study lore, get achievements, collect mounts and pets, devastate dungeons and collect raids, or fight in PvP with other players. Or you can just learn a foreign language on different servers and chat with people of a different culture. There are many activities, but one thing is for sure – no matter what you do, you will be completely immersed in what is happening thanks to the titanic work of the development team.

Summing up

Many people like World of Warcraft because it’s a whole separate world with an incredibly cool storyline. If you enter the game, you are completely immersed in it, and the further you go, the more interesting it is to discover new locations, dungeons, and raids. There is also very beautiful music in the game, on which the whole atmosphere of the game is built. Every player explores a world where strangers gather to fight evil and for a short moment become each other’s comrades-in-arms.