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Poki Game is an online platform that offers users access to thousands of different games to play and enjoy. Without downloads, logins, pop-ups, or other interruptions, the website enables instant play for all of its games. 

You can play all of the games on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, so you can do so at home or wherever. On Poki, more than 50 million gamers from around the globe play their favorite games each month. 

Even better, the website maintains your progress so you can pick up just where you left off. It is a simple and enjoyable way to unwind. However, occasionally there can be a problem with your cache data and you might lose all of your progress in the Poki online game. 

This guide will demonstrate how to save your online Poki game progress on a Windows 10 computer in the event of corruption. A large selection of games for players of all ages may be found on the online gaming platform Poki Games. To learn more about the top played games on Poki, read the complete post. 

What Is Poki?

Recently, the Poki platform has gained popularity among internet users, particularly among those who enjoy playing games for free without having to download them to their devices.

Poki has a staff of 30 individuals working on their gaming platform, and they are situated in Amsterdam. The creation of the perfect online playground is the aim of this website. 

open to everyone and free. To play the games you desire, simply launch the website. Poki features the best range of free online games and provides the most enjoyable gameplay whether playing by yourself or with friends. 

On their corporate page, you may read more about the platform they are creating. Learn more about their services and get in touch with them via Poki for Developers if you are a game developer hoping to have success with your game on the web.

Types Of Poki Games:

On the poik game website, there are thousands of games available from which you can select any one based on your preferences and suitability. You must decide for yourself whatever kind of game you want to play because there are many various alternatives, including games that are instructive, aggressive, entertaining, and so on. 


  • The first kind of game is one that your kids can learn from. As a result, individuals can educate themselves and develop their cognitive abilities, and playing these games may also enable them to think more clearly. 
  • Fun games are a second category of games that is quite popular. As a result, the majority of individuals favor having fun. because playing enjoyable games is a great way to relax and refresh the mind. 
  • For those who enjoy adventure and combat, this platform does also provide a variety of violent games. 

Steps For Using Poki Game Site:

The Poki game site is incredible and an excellent platform. Simple instructions for using it are provided below. 

  • First, we need to perform a search on poki.com games by typing its name into the browser and clicking on it.
  • After that, we will see that its official website’s interface will emerge in front of us.
  • The website must be clicked for it to appear for us.
  • There are a plethora of games available on its website, and we are free to select whatever one we want to play.
  • After selecting a game, all we need to do is click on it, and we can start playing that game right away.
  • Always keep in mind when using this website that a strong internet connection is essential in order to play our favorite games uninterrupted.

How Can You Save My Progress In A Corrupted Poki Game On Windows 10?

According to what I understand about how Poki Online Games operate, any games that keep track of your progress will preserve it as a data cache on your PC. Therefore, nothing should happen to your Poki Online Game Progress as long as your Cache Data Files are intact. Here is what you must do in order to save your Poki Online Game Progress in the event of Corruption.

  • First, you have to locate Google Chrome’s cache data.
  • You must launch File Explorer in order to accomplish this.
  • Open Users and then C Drive from there.
  • Choose the user whose progress in the Poki online game you want to save.
  • Then, click the Folder address, add “app data” to it, and press Enter.
  • Locate the Google Folder by clicking Local right now.
  • Choose Chrome when you open it.
  • Select Default after selecting User Data.
  • The Cache Folders can be found in this area.
  • Choose Cache & Media Cache now, and save them on a different drive or an external storage device.

The Range Of Poki Games Substitutes:

There are other thrilling gaming deals accessible for tablets and desktops in addition to computers. There are so many excellent free games in a wide range of genres that choosing one gets harder and harder every day.

The poki game website frequently appears in the top 3 Google results for queries involving the names of online gaming genres. There are now a lot more offers from various game developers, even though we think Poki toys are absolutely worth checking out.

What Are The Best Free Online Poki Games?

On this platform, a vast variety of games are offered. Here is a list of a few of those games. 

1. Subway Surfers

2. Moto X3M

3. Fireboy and Watergirl

4. Slither.io

5. Cut the Rope

1. Subway Surfers:

The popular infinite runner game Subway Surfers is accessible on many different platforms, including Poki. Players assume control of a graffiti artist who is dashing through the subway, dodging objects, and collecting coins throughout the game. The gameplay is frantic and addictive, and the graphics are colorful and lively.

2. Moto X3M:

Your heart will race when you play the physics-based motorcycle racing game Moto X3M. Players in the game maneuver through a succession of levels that get harder and harder while pulling stunts and dodging hazards. Moto X3M is a fantastic option for everyone who likes racing games due to its demanding gameplay and easy controls.

3. Fireboy And Watergirl:

Even though Fireboy and Watergirl is an old-school platformer game, it continues to rank among the top ones on Poki. Players in the game take control of Fireboy and Watergirl, two characters that must move through a number of stages while dodging hazards and completing puzzles. Anyone who appreciates platformers will find the game to be a terrific pick due to its distinctive mechanics and difficult levels.

4. Slither.io:

In the straightforward but compelling game Slither.io, players take control of a snake-like organism and attempt to consume as many pellets as they can while avoiding other players. The game is simple to learn but challenging to master, and its competitive nature adds to its allure.

Anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable gaming experience should consider Slither.io because of its straightforward aesthetics and speedy action.

5. Cut The Rope:

In the puzzle game Cut the Rope, players must cut ropes and apply physical laws to obtain sweets for Om Nom, a small creature. All ages will enjoy the game’s charming visuals and captivating gameplay. Cut the Rope is an engaging game that will keep you going back for more thanks to its difficult levels and innovative riddles.

These five games are among the best available on the Poik gaming site, which offers a huge selection of free online games. On Poki, there are endless running and puzzle games for all skill levels. Therefore, these games are sure to delight you whether you’re seeking a brief diversion or a long-term gaming addiction.

Competitors Of Poki:

Because there are numerous competitors on the market, everyone has options. Due to the many accessible alternatives, Poki games face fierce competition in the market. They go by the following name.

  • Due to its abundance of extremely safe online games, Friv.com is a strong rival to Poki games.
  • All gamers may find Minijuegos.com to be a really good selection.
  • One of the most well-known websites and a solid substitute for Poki games is ufreegames.com.
  • Friv5online.com is a reliable website where you may have fun and be entertained while playing the best games online.
  • Juegos.com is a fantastic online resource that offers gamers of all skill levels a ton of gaming enjoyment.
  • Poki Games’ competitors include Agame.com, Lagged.com, Cool Math Games, and 1001 Juegos.


Since Poki is a reliable online platform that offers its players a wide selection of games, we have covered practically everything about Poki games in this post. They can therefore visit and freely enjoy those games by using this website and a lot of internet. 

We sincerely hope that you all find this post to be interesting and that it answers all of your questions. And feel free to ask us any questions. If you want to share this knowledge with your friends and family so they can also gain something from it, you can also make lovely suggestions about this article. Send them this article so they can play a variety of online games.