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Papa Wolf And The Puppy Manga

Papa wolf and the puppy is one of the most famous manga covering comedy. The papa wolf and the puppy have 103 translated chapters. This is a story about a wolf and a dog. It is written by artist 麻尾(Ma Wei) at a top manga site MangaBuddy to offer to read manga comics online. 

You are reading papa wolf and the puppy manga, one of the most popular manga covering Comedy, Manhua, Full Color, Slice Of Life, and Webtoons genres.

In this article, we will give you a short summary of all the chapters. Papa wolf and the puppy is a story about a wolf, his experience with a small puppy, and their life together following. Read the following list to explore the first ten chapters of the papa wolf and the puppy manga. 

Chapter 1:

At the beginning of the story, the alpha wolf discovers that a little dog is just sleeping on his body as it pleases. After a few moments, the puppy raises up, takes a moment, and again falls asleep. The wolf covers the puppy with his tail and thinks in his mind that he’ll drive him away after he wakes up. 

Chapter 2:

In chapter 2, there you can see that not a long ago, the wolf picked up the little puppy. But without any expectations, the puppy certainly grows fast. Just like all time, the puppy who certainly has come into a big dog now wants to sleep on the wolf. But the things are different now as the puppy is just a furry ball a few moments ago and now it grew big. However, the wolf did not like being pressed by the big dog. 

After that, the wolf makes such a sad face to indicate that he won’t get used to the dog. Then the wolf moved away and feels relax. At a particular time, the wolf feels uncomfortable with the cold wind. The big dog noticed him and he tucked the wolf into his body and say that “Let’s endure it until the end of winter”. 

Chapter 3:

Next, the wolf thinks to be honest that the little puppy is annoying. He thinks that if he leaves the puppy there, he will lose his life quickly. Then the wolf noticed that the puppy was rubbing himself on the wolf’s body. Papa wolf asked him why he keep rubbing him. Then the puppy gives the answer that he wants to drink milk. The papa wolf was getting angry and said that how can he breastfeed him. The puppy has become sad. 

Papa wolf tries to teach him how to hunt by saying he must be strong if he wants to survive. He indicates some birds over there and told him to catch one. Before catching the bird, the papa wolf gives a statement to the little puppy that when the puppy can survive, the papa wolf will leave him right away. 

Finally, the little puppy gets ready to catch the bird and he goes ahead but he failed to catch the bird. The little puppy is in a danger at that time. The papa wolf saved him. Papa wolf says that it is too early to let him hunt by himself. After that incident, the papa wolf is ready to take care of the little puppy for a while. 

Chapter 4:

The papa wolf always brings a lot of attention anytime, anywhere. In the papa wolf and the puppy chapter 4, you’ll see that the three dogs notice the puppy lying on the wolf’s back. Suddenly the puppy flips over on the ground. The other three wolves come near the puppy and saw that there are milk and boss’ scents on his body. 

Finally, the papa wolf found the puppy near the dogs. They questioned about it that what thing he drop there. When the papa wolf said that this was food, the wolves want to eat him at that time. The papa wolf declares that it is not the right time to eat, first, they’ll raise it up and then eat it later. He obeyed them to touch the puppy without his permission. 

Chapter 5:

In chapter 5, the dog’s tongue is stuck on ice. At that time the other three wolves reach the spot and they didn’t understand what was going on. Therefore, the gray wolf said that leave him alone when the spring arrives, the ice will melt and he can finally get up. The gray wolf trying to mess around with the puppy. 

Then the papa wolf thought that he save the puppy by licking, and he wants to use saliva to melt the ice. At that time, the little puppy gets the smell of meat and that smell turns up him and he will succeed to save his tongue from the ice. 

When they all are ready to leave that place, the puppy noticed that now the papa wolf is getting stuck on the ice. 

Chapter 6:

Let’s explore chapter 6. Here you can see that the papa wolf tries to give instruction that weak and small animals when they heard the barking, they’ll be scared away. 

Suddenly the birds appear at that place, they want to take revenge for the sake. The papa wolf didn’t understand where these birds come from. The little puppy jumps out on the birds and the birds flapped around them. Again the papa wolf saved the puppy from the birds.  

Chapter 7:

One morning, the grown wolves went out hunting. They leave a flock of wolf pups at the nest. At that time a bear had an eye on them and attack the gray wolf. At this moment the gray wolf saw the figure of the papa wolf. Then the papa wolf fights with the bear and saved the wolves. 

At a particular time, the gray wolf wants to take the chance to eat the little puppy when the papa wolf is away eating it. He just went to eat the puppy and the papa wolf comes there and saw all. The papa wolf just catches the puppy from the gray wolf and goes from there. 

Chapter 8:

In the papa wolf and the puppy manga chapter 8, the papa wolf and the three grown wolves were running to catch prey. The wolf pack in the middle of the hunt. At that time, the little puppy gives a bite on the papa wolf’s tail. The pray was running away. And finally, the prey got away. 

As the papa wolf gets angry at the little puppy for playing with his tail, the little puppy moves from there, he wants to play with the other wolf’s tail. Seeing this situation, the papa wolf decides to play with the little puppy.  

Chapter 9:

There is a good massage you can see in chapter 9. The papa wolf told the other wolves that they all take good care of the members of the wolf pack. Now the little puppy comes back. The papa wolf gave his food to the puppy. 

At night, when the wolf pack were going to sleep, the puppy comes with a bunch of insects that are caught by him only to feed the papa wolf. In the middle of the night, the papa wolf saw that a bunch of die-insects are in front of him. Then he thought that these all are caught by the puppy. 

However, the papa wolf also thinks that the intention is good although. But eating those insects is a bit rough for the wolf. But he must eat them. And so, he hopes that this type of food won’t cause him an upset stomach. 

Chapter 10:

In chapter 10, the papa wolf notice that the little puppy grew big again and he just playing with him. Then the papa wolf wakes up quickly and realizes that this is just a dream and he claimed that “That’s a really weird dream”. 

Bottom line:

So, these are the ten chapters of papa wolf and the puppy manga story, we have summarized here. The art is just so cute! However, we can say that all the chapters are not time-related to each other and they are short. So, this can be a good choice if you don’t want to read anything serious. 

The first 20 chapters condense on a small golden puppy assumed by a papa wolf that’s apparently most powerful in a forest. However, chapter 20 onwards gives them human versions, where the papa wolf is a fallen gang leader named Yakuza who lives in the mountains and finds a wild child who is unfit to speak but is connected to him. 

If you want to know about more chapters, then surely you can leave your message in the comment section. We’ll try to present those chapters soon.

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