How To Get Better At Valorant

How To Get Better At Valorant: 5 Best Tips & Tricks

Since its release in 2020, valorant has been hugely popular with gaming enthusiasts worldwide for its fast-paced action and deep gameplay mechanics. But let’s face it; the game can be challenging for those new to it or when playing against seasoned opponents.

If you’re one of those who think you’re stuck in a rut and can’t get any better at the game, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll give you 5 Best Tips & Tricks that you can use to improve your skills and become a better player.

How to Get Better At Valorant

Here are the top 5 ways to elevate your game and start dominating the battlefield. By the end of this guide, you will know how to reach your full potential as a player in Valorant.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.  

1.   Optimize your Game Settings

The first thing you need to do before trying to improve your gameplay is to optimize your game settings.

To make those micro plays that can help you come out on top during 1v1 duels, you need to have smooth gameplay, free of any stutter and lags.  You can achieve this by having FPS output at least double your monitor’s refresh rate.

Also, have your Display Mode settings set to Fullscreen. It will allow your PC to produce the maximum number of frames for the game.

2.   Try to Sharpen your Skills in the Practice Mode

Try to devote some time to sharpening your skills in the Practice Mode. It will stand you in good stead when playing a live match.

The practice game will help you learn new techniques and become more comfortable with the game mechanics without worrying about losing a game or letting your team down. You can, for example, aim training exercises, use the game’s practice range, experiment with different agents, and test out new strategies and techniques.

3.   Learn To Strafe

Learning how to strafe will help you as a player to outmaneuver your opponents and win gunfights. Strafing refers to the technique of moving side to side while shooting. It can make it harder for enemies to shoot you.

Use different movement techniques such as crouching, jumping, and running to make it harder to hit you. Also, mix strafing patterns to keep your opponent guessing. Lastly, learn to shoot while strafing to maintain accuracy while moving.

4.   Keep Track of Your Enemy’s Abilities

Keeping track of your enemies’ abilities will help determine when to engage your adversary in combat. It will give you a strategic advantage and improve your chances of winning in Valorant.

To keep track of your enemy’s abilities, watch the kill feed, listen to the audio cues, and check the scoreboard.

The kill feed will tell you which agents in your team have been killed. This information will help you deduce which abilities your enemy may have used.

Each agent’s abilities have unique audio cues. The audio cues will tell you which abilities your enemies have used and what are still left.

Keeping an eye on the scoreboard will let you know when to expect a powerful attack from your enemy.

5.   Watch and Learn from the Pros

Watching and learning from professional players will help you improve and incorporate strategies you may not know yet or haven’t used.

Find the players who specialize in the same agents and roles as you.

Pay attention to the decision the pros make during gameplay. Then, ask yourself why they made those choices and how they anticipated enemy movements.

Analyze their tactics and look for patterns and approaches you can use in your gameplay. Then, take notes of what you learned and incorporate it into your gameplay.  

Finally, once you have learned new strategies and techniques, use them in your gameplay to improve and increase your chances of winning. 

To Sum Up

Valorant is a fast-paced strategy game requiring you to constantly learn and improve your skills. You can increase your chances of winning by sharpening your skills in practice mode, learning to strafe, keeping track of the enemy’s abilities, and watching and learning from the pros.

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Keep practicing, keep learning, and most importantly, have fun.

Good Luck!