The Evolution of Global eCommerce Market – What’s Next In 2018?

At its very start, people’s relation with eCommerce was not that trustworthy, and they were quite reluctant to shop online. The concept of eCommerce was not popularly acceptable and they were worried about any mishap that may fall while shopping online.

Well, it is also good to mention that the previously built eCommerce websites were not advanced, not that secure, less clear product preview and not so smooth navigation. Furthermore, the delivery services were not timely. One of the reasons for why the attractive products and the lucrative offers could not please the buyers to shop online.

Though, the eCommerce sector has evolved over the years. Speaking about the current eCommerce website scenario, these are extremely popular and very reliable for the buyers.

Buyers today with eCommerce websites can avail –

  • 100% secure and authentic payment systems,
  • Feature to preview the products from various angles,
  • Smooth and simple return and refund policy
  • Quick Order Delivery
  • Secure Payment Methods

The sector of eCommerce website design and development is all set to welcome a series of incredible changes in the upcoming years to address the users with an improved experience. To get the best results, eCommerce need to be prepared as per the forthcoming years, which the blog post features a few of them.

Easily Operable eCommerce Websites

Earlier, the eCommerce websites did not offer a great and smooth user experience. It took very long for the buyers to locate a product as per their choice. Though, things improved with time. These days, eCommerce brand stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and a few others have begun to make inclusive efforts to improve the website user experience. Currently, it is pretty easy to find a particular item just by typing in the right keywords in the ‘Search’ box.

Furthermore, the development of categories and addition of various filters and sorting options can help one discover the exact thing that one is searching within their price range. Moreover, product visualizations are now at the forefront. 360º images are being included along with interactive videos in the section of product preview so that the buyers can receive almost the same experience as that they find with the physical stores.

At this point, it becomes essential for you to keep a check on the updates coming in eCommerce web design and development sector to secure the success of your online store. Discuss with your team how choosing hire a UI UX designer solution will improve the user experience of your eCommerce website.

Innovative mCommerce

As stated by Gartner, in 2017, the revenue acquired from the mobile devices in the US is going to comprise 50% of all the digital commerce revenue. With the evolution of more and more business apps, mCommerce is all determined to take the e-retail market in its influence.

Shopping on the mobile devices is very easy! One can see and instantly shop the products as when they want to, or add them to the cart or wishlist and pay later. Moreover, all features of online transaction available on websites are available on the mobile apps. Consequently, if your eCommerce website doesn’t have a mobile app yet, ensure to get that very soon.

Buyer-Centric Payment Facilities

At the beginning of eCommerce industry, very less payment options were available for online transactions. But, at this point, multiple options are available for online payments that includes, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, Pay Wallets, and several more. Moreover, some of the compelling payment processing solutions like PayPal, PayUmoney and have advanced for the necessity to make online transactions more secure.

Additionally, eCommerce also let the customers pay through COD or Cash on Delivery. Several notable eCommerce brand names have facilitated the integration of EMI option, which is another trend gaining a massive positive response from the online buyers.

2018 Web Design Innovations in eCommerce


Boxes, in 2018, will not only enhance the website functionality but will also adorn the design. When used in an eCommerce website, Boxes should be viewable, and mainly for CTAs, to make them easily noticeable.

Rise of mCommerce

Shopping through the mobile broke all the records as compared to the traditional means. mCommerce increased the sales of all the eCommerce website upto a notable extent. Buyers love to explore various kinds of products through their mobiles, further now they opt to buy and pay through mobile devices. In 2018, it is supposed that mCommerce will significantly be the most loved web shopping method.

Bold Colors

For websites, 2018 is the year of bold colors. The growth in bold colors in web design is considered to excite the user attention, an immense change from the ‘safe’ color palettes. Start-ups, particularly, will include bold colors for vibrancy in their branding, to grab more user-attention.

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations are an excellent and versatile addition to the eCommerce websites. They’re artistic, user-friendly, visually pleasing that adds excitement to a website. Unique illustration styles create a comprehensive brand identity.

Different Scrolling

Scrolling is an intelligent mechanism, and if poorly performed, can lead to an unfortunate user experience. It is therefore foretold that new scrolling styles will be great for 2018. New scrolling styles will enhance and adds higher levels of interaction to the buyer journey.

Video Takeover

Similarly, to animation, a dynamic image quickly grabs the user-attention. Although the video is not a new thing, it is a greatly adaptable component, for storytelling, advertising, and a modern take on photography. For that one reason, videos are quickly taking over images online. Videos promote higher levels of engagement, and this is the reasons why it will become a significant trend of 2018.

The currently trending e-commerce web designs offer a lot of intelligent features and a genuine customized experience for buyers which businesses must embrace in 2018.


Incredible eCommerce changes have occurred since the time it started, and in the current era, it is at the peak! Trends such as the device tracking methods, the emergence of delivery drones, etc. are going to generate a lot of buzz in the eCommerce industry in the upcoming time.