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Tips & Tricks To Boost Torrent Download Speed

BitTorrent, uTorrent, and other torrent clients are available to help you easily download and share your favorite files and content. The P2P file-sharing protocol is popular worldwide, and you can use these torrent clients to download music, films, TV shows, etc. You can even share large files over the Internet without any hassle. But there might be times when torrent files are stuck, or they’re not downloading, and you can go through this guide for some quick fixes to this problem. 

If your torrent downloads are not as fast as you would like and want to enhance the download speed, these few tips and tricks might come in handy. 

Download From A Lightweight Torrent Client 

Popular torrent clients, including uTorrent and BitTorrent, show advertisements. Even though ads don’t barge in the torrenting experience, they can reduce the download speed. So, if you want to increase the download speed, ensure to use torrent clients that don’t show any ads. 

Moreover, you need to check if the torrent client you wish to use is bloated with applications. It is always best to use open-source torrent clients so you can enjoy the maximum downloading speed. 

Select A Healthy Torrent Client 

To improve the downloading speed, you must select a healthy torrent. In that case, you must understand the meaning of leechers and seeders. Users are often confused about these terms, especially newbie torrent enthusiasts. 

Seeders have a copy of the file you want to download, and it is shared across the network. Leechers don’t have a copy of the file. And have recently joined the network to get the file downloaded. Put simply, in this scenario, you are the leecher because you want to download content from torrent clients. When you have finished downloading the file, you will become a seeder. 

Since you’re looking for healthy torrent clients, ensure the number of seeders is more than leechers. It will ensure faster downloading and sharing of files. 

Change your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The speed of your Internet connection is determined by your ISP. And most of them have specific bandwidths for downloads and uploads. There might even be maximum caps in place, and that might be the reason why your torrent download speed isn’t increasing even after you’ve chosen a healthy torrent client. 

If you wish to determine the maximum cap placed by your ISP, you can measure the download and upload speeds on a broadband speed testing website. You can change your ISP if you wish to increase the speed cap. 

Add Torrent Trackers To Increase The Download Speed 

Torrent trackers are the servers that help track the available peers when you add a torrent file to the client. These trackers augment communication between peers and the client to improve downloading speeds. 

It would be beneficial for you to ensure more trackers when you’re downloading files. 

Limit The Upload Rate To Speed Up Downloads 

Torrent files downloaded on a peer-to-peer network. And such platforms are all about sharing. But if you have an unlimited upload rate, it will affect your download speed. Fortunately, you can change the download and upload rate to get the file faster. 

You can find the maximum upload speed by using a speed test tool mentioned above, and on the torrent client, you can set the upload rate to eighty percent of the speed. Also, you can have varying upload speeds. It would be wise to start high and then reduce gradually when you’re halfway through with your download. 

When checking the speed, know that it will give in kilobits. Or kilobytes per second, and one kilobyte equals eight kilobits. If you are downloading more than one file, it would be good to pause the other downloads in favor of the file you need urgently. 

For Limiting The Upload Rate, You Can Follow These Steps:

  • Open the torrent client and go to Options > click Preferences. 
  • Select the Bandwidth tab and set the global upload rate limit as sixty percent of your maximum upload. Then, set the Global Download Rate Limiting to 0 and the Global Maximum Number of Connections to 150. You also need to set the maximum number of connected peers per torrent to 100. 
  • After making those changes, you need to select Apply and let the changes take effect. It would help if you restarted the torrent client to start downloading. 


These are some tried and tested methods of improving the torrent download speed. Use them to see noticeable changes.