Identity Verification Software

Top Reasons Why You Should Update Your Identity Verification

You need to treat your security software like you would treat your car; if there is a problem then you fix it. If the door on your car refuses to close properly, you would go and have a mechanic fix it. So why would you leave a gap open in your cyber security? You should be constantly maintaining and updating it as necessary. If you have not updated your identity verification software any time recently, it might be long overdue an upgrade. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider updating it.

It’s Outdated

If you already have an identity verification API, chances are that it might be outdated. The rapid advancement of smartphone and tablet technologies in the past decade means that tools such as identity verification have also needed to adapt as needed.

The version you currently have might not do the job. Solutions like Cognito HQ offer services which will help you to keep up with any changes made to cyber security online so you can be certain that your systems will not become outdated again. Cognito have some useful documentation on their website which will talk you through how to integrate the API if you’re unsure.

The Customers Don’t Like Your Current System

Just because you think you are handling data correctly doesn’t mean that your customers think you do. Consumer trust is harder to earn than ever before and many are not afraid to take their business elsewhere if they feel you cannot meet their standards.

Their ideal identity verification process is streamlined, integrated, and not invasive. If you can provide a service which is all of these things, your customers are bound to be happier and more trusting of you and your company.

You Aren’t Compliant

Every business needs to conduct “Know Your Customer” or KYC compliance checks. These are to ensure that it is a valid customer on the other end of the transaction instead of a bot or scammer. Checks like these are common amongst all industries as they help to prove that the business is not involved with illegal activities such as corruption or money laundering.

It is your duty as a business to ensure that you are following all the correct KYC protocols currently needed. The right software will not only keep you compliant, but it will also help you meet the goals listed above. It is entirely possible to find an identity verification software which is easy to use, constructed with the latest protocols, and simple enough for any and all customers.

There is never a bad time to start thinking about how you can improve your cyber security and one of the best places to start is often with your identity verification system. Make your website a place where the customers feel safe and valued no matter what page they click on and you can’t go wrong. Need to upgrade your identity verification software? Start looking into new solutions now.