Shopify Pre-Order Manager App Introduces Efficient Procurement and Warehouse Optimization

Successful eCommerce shops offer their customers a wide range of products. This significantly strengthens their market position and helps them to survive in a competitive environment. However, a large assortment of goods creates problems with their purchase and storage and although, the lack of a need to hire sellers of goods and to pay rent for premises make such a business particularly profitable, the problems of organizing warehouses for the storage of products still troubles most eCommerce sellers.

Procurement Problem

The problem of determining the number of product units that will meet the needs of customers is very common in eCommerce. The problem is that there is always an opportunity to buy more goods than the buyer wants to purchase or vice versa to underestimate the demand for certain groups of goods, resulting in a loss of profits. To obtain an approximate estimate of the volume of goods, which will pay for its value, eCommerce merchants use various functions of their platforms and third-party applications to evaluate demand. It’s also necessary to constantly keep abreast of new trends and news, assess the situation in the marketplace, and monitor important industry events. Spending all of this time is very costly to the owner and the business, especially when the time could be spent on business development. None of this business loss is acceptable for managing a successful business.

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Storage Problem

In addition to the common volume determination problems, eCommerce merchants also face difficulties for storing goods in warehouses. The very need to store goods in a warehouse (pay rent, shipping fees, retain the staff) profoundly upsets eCommerce sellers, who are used to purely remote methods of work. Needless to say, the storage of goods always goes hand in hand with such problems as inventory inaccuracy, distant locations, poor space utilization, redundant processes, and so on.

The golden dream of any seller is to sell the goods to the buyer directly from the place of purchase eliminating the need to store the goods in their own or leased warehouses. Thus, it is not necessary to calculate the volume of purchases and pay for the costs of storing the goods in a warehouse. Well, if in the case of offline stores this dream is difficult to achieve, the owners of Shopify online stores can easily bring it to life thanks to the pre-order feature of a fantastic third-party order manager implemented by the SpurIT experts – Shopify Pre Order app.

Shopify Pre-Order Manager: A Great App Solution for Warehouse Optimization

Here it is – the embodiment of the golden dream of all Shopify stores! The Shopify Pre-Order Manager App enables an automatic change from the usual Shopify “Add to cart” button to the “Pre-Order” button in the event that your product is out of stock. Also, the app allows you to easily manage the number of pre-orders and execute a selection for certain countries, as well as to schedule the pre-orders of products or their alternates, which provides you with an opportunity to implement complex business strategies.

In What Other Circumstances Can Shopify Pre-Order App Be Useful?

Product Is Sold Out

Black Friday and Cyber Monday did not pass in vain but there is nothing left in the warehouses that can earn revenue? Don’t upset customers with a sad “Sold Out” inscription. Replace it with a “Pre-Order” and watch how the app will transform the sales of your Shopify store!

Product Is Not on Sale yet

Are you planning to start selling a new product that has not yet entered the market but it is difficult to know how many units your store will sell to customers? Place the page of this product in your store and enable the ability to pre-order the item(s). In exchange for contact information, you can offer the customer a discount or a unique service to identify and encourage their loyalty. At the same time, you will get a preliminary estimate of the sales volume, the base of contacts of interested buyers, and will be able to attract new customers, who are interested in buying even before the product is available for sale, to your store.

Product May Deteriorate During Storage

Nowadays, it is very popular and commendable to sell natural products, the quality of which can deteriorate with improper or long-term storage. This includes organic food, some types of eco-cosmetics, animal feed, medicines, etc. To avoid losses associated with damage to goods, simply order them in portions according to the pre-order numbers made by the users on your Shopify store. Thanks to this function, you can always deliver the freshest and best quality product to your customers.

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Are There Any Effective Procurement and Storage Methods for Online Stores?

Certainly, yes! The Shopify Pre-Order Manager App is just one of them. You can always find useful alternatives in the shops of your eCommerce platforms or in the related community and they will meet your requirements and the needs of your business. Special interest in solving this problem is represented by various options for pre-order management tools since they will provide a significant reduction to the time for estimating the volume of goods for purchase and to avoid unnecessary overhead costs for maintaining a large number of warehouses.