Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

2017 was a remarkable year for app development. But it is time to end the year and welcome 2018 with more innovative mobile app development trends. With every passing year, the mobile app is reaching the next level creativity and productivity and are resolving real-time problems in the most efficient way. In the current era, the mobile phone has become an integral part of our lives and Mobile App Development has become much more innovative and custom-oriented. There are around 400 million smartphones, The number of free apps downloaded in 2017 is projected to be 197 billion. These numbers clearly indicate that 2017 took the take over of the mobile world. Due to the changing and evolving customer needs it is important to keep track of changing trends. Here we are discussing latest mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2018.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is one of the latest upcoming trends in mobile app development. It is considered as the great app and as it helps mobile pages to load faster across all mobile devices. Since Google introduced the AMP, mobile pages loading speed is accelerated. One of the important features of it is will provide an isolated search index for the mobile web. This approaches will definitely transform all mobile app development in SEO point of view. AMP will increase the loading speed of web app and reduces the bounce rate. This benefits the developers to develop customized websites and web apps with higher performance and lower bounce rates.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payment is one of the eye-catching trends to watch in 2018. The advancement in the mobile technology enables the user to purchase their favorite product online and also allows you to make payment through the mobile channel. With the introduction of Google Wallet, customers are gradually shifting to m-commerce. This payment process is less complicated know the customer can make any part of the world at time zone within the seconds with the help of Mobile Payments app. Mobile payment is considered as a comfortable payment option for customers. This app allows customers to seamlessly purchase products or services without using Internet banking or Credit/ Debit cards to make payments. Say good buy the cash and credit card by implementing mobile payment app.

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AR and VR

Both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) as taken the gaming industry to the next level. Apart from the gaming industry many of the experts have predicted that it will create a spike in many more sector too. If you analyses the current market situation you will notice that demand for latest breathtaking trend increasing tremendously. AR apps provide the composite view by overlying the user’s reality with the computer generated a virtual image. Also by the continuous customer interaction and engagement will increase the brand image and sales too. As this area as potential demand in multiple industries, it as high probability that it will continue to experience the advancement app development trends in 2018.

Cloud Technologies

The advancement of the technologies has completely blurred the clear line between cloud and web applications. If you want to uplift the status of mobile apps, then it is the time to integrated cloud technology into your development strategy. Cloud Technologies provides the many outstanding benefits for your business. Like it reduces the hosting and equipment costs, enhances the in storage capacity of apps, increases productivity. The best part about the cloud application is it can be deployed, updated and tested quickly. If you want your app to function seamlessly across multiple platforms, then it is the time to say yes to cloud technologies.

Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps mostly function like websites and it as tremendous ability to attract the people with their convenience. The best part of the Android Instant Apps is Apps don’t require installation. All borders between app and website are completely merged. Android Instant Apps user can only use one feature of the app without installing this app on the device. If the user request for the feature they receive the unique code necessary to the run the app on the devices. After users have finished using the feature, he can then switch to the other feature. In simple words, we can say that Android Instant Apps are smart versions of Android native apps which allows the users to use the instant app without downloading it.


With the huge advancement in the mobile apps technologies, it will surely make our lives easier. Now you came to the top Mobile App Development Trends and do not don’t forget to implement these trend in the upcoming year. In 2018 there are many other innovations trend hits the market and you make sure you are at the top of your game with implementing mobile app development strategies or by hiring a premium website development company.

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