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Why To Get Vidmate 2018 Download On Android Device?

Vidmate is one of the most trendy and stylish apps which everyone can utilize to download online videos. You can easily it from third party application store 9apps because vidmate app is not accessible at Google Play store due to its strict rules. Just you want to open 9apps on your mobile and search for the latest version of vidmate 2018 and you can freely save & fix it on your machine.

Vidmate is a video streaming and downloading tool. Presently it is accessible for all android devices and Windows PC. By utilizing this app, people can wristwatch as well as download their favorite content free from many popular sites. It supports more than 100 video hosting sites such as Facebook, Vimeo, and many others. You can save any type of content such as movies, music, and TV shows freely.

What is Vidmate app? 

The vidmate application is a free android app that can be used to download or convert mp4 files from sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu, Hotstar and so many more. If you install vidmate on your device you can easily watch videos from any websites. Vidmate also has multiple language support which makes it easily accessible for various people. It has an integrated in-app browser from which you can find videos, movies, music  and stream them in 4K. 

Vidmetapp 2018 Features:

Play HD videos:

On Vidmate you can stream or watch videos in 4K or ultra-hd. This rare feature of vidmate lets you download videos in HD which is unique as in most apps the quality of the video decreases. Playing videos in pc makes a huge difference because the resolution gets higher thus demanding for better quality of 720p, 1080p, 4K. 

Download media files:

Vidmate not only lets you watch or stream videos but also enjoy them offline. You can download good quality videos from any website.  

Ad-blocker enable/disable function:

It is really annoying for users if an add pops up in the middle of you watching something. On vidmate advertisement issues are resolved as you can control or manage if you want to restrict them. 

Bookmark your favourite websites:

As there is a in-app browser, the options are also endless. So that you don’t miss out on your favourite videos, films or music you can bookmark these sites. 

Video Editing :

After finding the most entertaining videos on the innumerable websites, you can download them. You can then edit these videos and make beautiful compilations. 

Dark Mode:

While you’re surfing through endless videos, the light screen mode may be disturbing for a lot of users. Thus vidmate has offered the dark mode feature to better the experience. 

100% virus free and safe to use:

There is no risk of adware or malware to enter your device as vidmate is a well encrypted app and can access data based on what you’ve allowed. Vidmate is absolutely safe and easy  to use. 

How to download videos via the VidMate app?

Downloading videos or any other mp4 files on Vidmate app is really convenient. Firstly, after surfing through the websites you can select the files you want to watch or download. If you cannot find the videos you’re supposed to download, the paste the URL in the search bar. After tapping on the title of the video you can find the option/icon for download. Then select the quality that you want for the video, you can choose from 480p to 4K. The video will instantly be downloaded for you to enjoy. 

Why need a vidmate app on an Android device?

Many people like to pocket watch online videos and listen to the newest music at their pass time. In the digital world, one no needs to carry a TV or radio for this purpose. It is because we can watch online videos or listen to music from our mobile phone or laptop. If you need to stream and download online videos then vidmate app is an accurate choice. With the assist from it, you can save some of your desired videos to acquire some entertainment in offline mode.

Vidmate is leading and admired video downloading tool. It is accessible at free of cost so the user no wants to pay out a single amount. It is a small size package and comes with lots of distinctive features. Its remarkable features will be more effective users in many ways. Here are some benefits of preferring vidmate video downloader than others.

Friendly user interface:

The user interface of this app is so trouble-free and friendly. So you can explore out your preferred content very effortlessly and quickly. This is one of the main reasons to prefer this app. It provides the greatest results for video downloading.

Can download any kind of contents:

This app aids you to grab any sort of contents such as movies, music, and TV shows freely. You can get any sort of media files on a single platform. One can get their video download in any format and resolution based on their needs.

Provide more trusted sites:

Vidmate is free and safe to use. So you don’t need to worry about any malicious software. You can get video downloader from trustworthy sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and so many. It is a safe and secure app to download on your device.

Convert video into audio files:

One of the main reasons to get vidmate application on your device is you can convert video into audio files. You can easily make use of mp3 files directly from your download. Even you can pick any format based on your needs.

Get HD video:

No other apps support high definition videos than vidmate. By using it, get content download in HD as well as low quality as per your needs.

Is VidMate banned in India? 

Vidmate is banned in India, that is why it’s not available on the play store. The Indian Government has banned various Chinese-operated sites. The reason behind this could be data security violations and breaches. Although you can easily download vidmate using a VPN or from third-party sites. From a London-based technology firm, it was sourced as this app unknowingly subscribes to paid services. Other than this vidmate is also accused of consuming more data. 

Is VidMate Chinese?

Yes, vidmate is an app managed from China. Vidmate was created by the developers of UC browser who are also associated with the Chinese technology company – Alibaba. That could be a reason why it is banned in India, so do not try to download it from an unknown source. 

Is VidMate the same as VMate?

Vidmate and Vmate are Chinese applications but entirely different in their purpose. Vmate is a social networking platform that allows users to make video compilations using different transitions and effects. While Vidmate lets a user download mp4 files from various websites and in premium quality. Both Vidmate and Vmate are banned in India due to security reasons.  


We have understood how convenient it is to download vidmate and the user interface is not at all complex. In short vidmate app 2018 is a fun application to use as you don’t have to download videos from unsafe mp3 converters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Vidmate app safe?

According to various sites, Vidmate is accused of various security breaches. It is banned on Google Playstore making the installation process more suspicious. Although vidmate is safe to use as there aren’t any adware or malware. 

Q. What is the Vidmate app used for?

The vidmate software is used to download videos of films, music from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hulu, and others. You can download videos in ultra-HD or according to your preference. 

Q. How do I install VidMate?

Vidmate is really easy to download. You have to just click on Download APK file, then press install once it opens. The app will be ready for you to use after you’ve allowed access to media. 

Q. Is using VidMate illegal?

Using Vidmate is not illegal in any country. However, it’s a clear sign that you should use it at your own risk as vidmate is infamous for draining users’ mobile data. 

Q. Why is Vidmate not on Play Store?

Vidmate was banned from Play Store after it was launched. That could be because vidmate violated the company’s policy as it was altering information from user’s device which is highly unsafe. 

Q. Is Vidmate an app?

Vidmate is an android app that allows one to download videos from numerous websites and it also has a in-app browser so that you can find these videos without having to switch apps.

Q. Is Vidmate app free?

Yes, to use or download the vidmate app is absolutely free. But vidmate subscribes users to different services so beware if that happens.