Why Choose an ATS for Your Recruitment Agency?

When you for opt for an ATS software you need to think of a number of options. Since you cannot just start off with a recruitment agency without a full-house arrangements. There are stuff that you need to take, starting from your recruitment personnel to the tools that you employ to handle your managerial tasks.

And when we are talking about the online recruitment agency, for them having ATS tool on board is something obvious.

But do you know when you get on board to enable ATS recruitment system at your office you have to ask yourself a series of questions.

Why ask so many questions? Well, you have so many of the systems to choose from, actually you have a galore of options. It is like finding the needle from a haystack.

Even you get your questions properly addressed, there is still a question left in your mind – and it says why to have an ATS software on board? We have it answered and addressed properly in this article, with a real life example of Jobvite, one of the leading ATS software.

1. An ATS tool like Jobvite is of real use

It is one of the latest ATS software that matches your company profile as it is categorized to help three categories of companies like enterprises, staffing agencies and SMBs. There are good solutions for each of these categories.

There is no point in investing ATS recruitment tools that no once in your office can use, or may be an ATS tool stuffed with features that you will not use ever. Look at an intuitive design that your hiring team will buy. Thus, Jobvite comes with intuitive features along with installation and training manuals to help anyone (technical or non-technical).

2. Jobvite comes with multiple job posting and higher search intent

Jobvite allows you to post jobs to multiple sites that is one of the main features that every recruitment agency will love to have in their ATS tool. It has integrated popular job boards and social networks in it.

As for the search, Jobvite is having one of the fast and accurate search with organized results in a logical and intuitive way.

3. Your ATS tool must come with a strong customer support

Jobvite is one of the leading ATS software that comes with strong customer support. It is having great response times and easy availability in your time zone. Check too how well organized their support section is by having a look at their website.

4. Jobvite has a great reporting system

This is one of the most attractive feature that every online recruitment agency will love to have in their ATS tool. Jobvite thus facilitates their ATS recruitment tool with a clear reporting that allows to track your reporting.

5. Your ATS software needs to be best with employee referrals

Referrals are one of the oldest and one of the best method to find suitable employee for a particular position. This method has not worn out. The best applicant tracking system will provide the most clear way to attract and reward the referrals from your team and that is Jobvite allows you to do.

Jobvite is no doubt of the popular ATS software and if you are looking for the above features in your ATS recruitment tool, then Jobvite can be your only choice.