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What Can Telecom Expense Management Software Do for Your Business?

As a business, keeping tabs on your communications infrastructure means managing the complexities of telecoms. It used to be that businesses only had fixed voice communication services. Advances in telecom technology have changed all of that.
Nowadays, businesses must be proactive in managing voice and data usage through both voice-dominated landlines and mobile device services. And with many different network offerings across multiple departments within your organization, manually managing all these different processes may be too time-consuming.

As the corporate world is competitive by nature, businesses must do what they can to competitively gain the advantage against their industry competitors. One of the best ways to do that is to understand the overall business costs and expenditures and utilizing resources and tools that offer cost saving opportunities and optimizes work productivity.
As managing costs and time-efficiency are essential to the success of any enterprising venture, it may be the ideal time your business invests in telecom expense management (TEM) software.
So just how can TEM assist your growing business?

Increase profitability and curb overspending

Operating with an integrated telecom expense management services within your organization reduces costs and provides overarching insight in telecom usage and spend.
TEM is particularly useful for businesses with a mobile workforce who require mobile telecom servicesto efficiently manage their roles. But that’s not to say that not all enterprises can benefit from TEM solutions. In one form or another employing TEM can increase your business’s profitability.

TEM services can provide solutions to optimize telecom expenses. TEM provides a level of detail that can allow your business to make informed decisions as to where costs can be cut and savings can be made.
Businesses are always looking for opportunities to reduce costs. An investment in TEM is an investment in your business’s telecommunications expenditure. Employing TEM can eliminate financial waste, curb overspending, and maximize savings.

As telecommunication expenses represent a large portion of IT expenditures, engaging TEM services provide your business with insight on major hidden telecom costs, carrier billing errors, and monthly overages. This eases opportunities to identify cost savings and consolidate necessary telecom expenses.
Telecom expense management can be a differentiating factor in managing all costs related to your telecoms budget. From fixed, mobile, and data services, using TEM saves on business costs.

Drive productivity

As an automated service, TEM can streamline your telecoms through software that not only identifies opportunities to cut costs but also promotes greater efficiency. Using TEM services allows for automation throughout internal processes such as invoice management programs, expense validation and audits, and procurement and service order activities.
Employing telecoms expense management services can also optimize your telecom operations. It can identify opportunities to disconnect underutilized and inactive telecom lines and services, driving saving opportunities.

TEM also promotes accountability. Its ability to track your system’s setup, along with its ability to optimize all functionality promotes cost transparency. This will allow users to gain clear visibility on overages and allows the business to deploy its workforce with more efficient apps and devices that will suit their style of work and functionality.

Promotes security and reduces potential fraud

The adoption of TEM empowers an increase in business security and further serves to curtail potential fraud.

With accessibility to real-time usage reports, your company will gain real business visibility throughout every facet of your telecommunications operations. These usage reports allow your business the ability to detect telecom activities throughout all company-issued fixed and mobile devices, from personal usage to unusual or suspicious activities.

Being able to oversee the complete mobile and fixed telecom network through the TEM database ensures telecom devices deployed across the entire enterprise are protected against any potential threats. This can include malicious codes in files being transferred, viruses and malware, risky websites that employ phishing and other scams, and even encrypts data transfers across company-issued devices.

TEM also serves to assist in the end lifecycles of company-issued devices. Ensuring sensitive data is wiped before device retirement eliminates data risk and security concerns prior to disposal or device donation for the environmentally-conscious.

Cuts admin time

The use of spreadsheets and manual processes/calculations diminishes ROI on your staff’s efficiency and optimal performance.

Telecommunications expense management services ensure that technology is utilized to streamline and automate necessary admin work like monthly bill reporting and cost allocation processes. TEM reduces time wastage and administrative costs. This frees up employees to focus on important tasks.
Other automation processes provided by TEM that reduces administrative costs are; real-time email reports regarding usage and costs (improving company-wide accountability), the elimination of error-prone data entry, and as previously mentioned automated email notifications for abnormal data and voice usage patterns and underutilized services.

By being able to operate more efficiently, employees can focus on meeting customer demands and work on value-added tasks. Their ability to perform their jobs more effectively becomes indispensable to the success of your business.

Manages telecommunication maintenance and upkeep

TEM’s ability to streamline processes goes beyond eliminating the need for spreadsheets and manual methods. The proliferation of mobiles devices as an integral corporate communication device means many businesses work with telecom tools that have short lifecycles. As such, companies must account for replacements and upgrades.
Telecom solutions like TEM services reduces operational costs and business expenditurewhen mobile devices are due for replacement and upgrades. Acknowledging when devices are due for replacements ensures your business capitalizes on all operational costs.

As previously stated, TEM also optimizes telecom maintenance by ensuring mobile devices are wiped of sensitive data before disposal. This eliminates the possibility of potential security breaches and allows your workforce to perform optimally with the most responsive mobile devices possible.

Another aspect of telecom maintenance and upkeep is ensuring voice-dominated landlines are functioning properly. A workforce is only as good as their ability to communicate effectively. TEM leverages telecom solutions to ensure your fixed lines operate in an efficient manner.

Depending on your telecom solution, line maintenance may require searching for more effective ways to communicate, such as VoIP technology.

Whatever the desire or reason is for a business to consider utilizing telecommunication expense management software, the results stay predominantly the same; TEM services empower business performance and increase company profitability.

With telecom expenditure a considerable cost to any business, TEM services can serve to manage complex telecom systems, maximize ROI, save time, and provide visibility and control over all telecom environments.
It’s ability to streamline operations and processes to eliminate financial waste while maximizing savings makes the employment of telecom expense management systems a crucial step to the continued success of any business.