Become a self-employed Professional Driver on your terms through Taxi Driver App

Gone are the days when driving was considered a job that was “beneath” you. In many countries, you get highly educated people driving for a living. And why not? You do whatever that is going to put food on the table and support your family. The beauty of this profession is that it is an international profession. Wherever you are in the world, rural or urban location, the services of a driver will always be required. If you love driving, making small conversation with new people every day and love sitting behind the wheel driving on the open road, whilst enjoying the passing scenery, then this is the ideal job for you.


The driving profession is one that does really require a Bachelors’ or a Masters degree. To become a professional or even a part time driver, you need to have the following:

– Be at least 21 years of age
– Have a valid driving license, preferably clean
– Have no criminal record
– Familiarity with the local area
– Be medically fit to drive
– Can take up legal employment in your country of residence
– Have your own road worthy vehicle with all its valid paperwork

Despite the fact that there no formal education is required for this profession, you should have the following skills:

Good customer service skills
In this profession, you meet people from all backgrounds, weird, witty, wonderful, chatty and even difficult ones. It is therefore important that you can handle all these people whilst ensuring their safety and the fact that they reach their destination on time and in one piece.

A cool head with a good sense of direction
The main reason for people opting to take a taxi ride rather than use public transport is because they have time pressures and want a comfortable ride in the quickest time possible. It is therefore important that you know the local area like the back of your hand and keep abreast of any road works and closures in real time. Your customers will not be amused if you take the scenic route on their meter, or get on a road that is closed because of an accident.

Moreover, you need to also be aware that you need to transport your client safely in bad weather conditions, or heavy traffic conditions.

Healthy and fit
Drivers not only transport their passengers from one stop to another, they also help in loading and unloading their luggage. This is part of good customer service and to give this service you need to be physically fit.

The driving profession is demanding and drivers are expected to work at all hours of the day and night. They can rest and have meal breaks when they have no passenger.


If you want to be a taxi driver but on your terms, with little or no supervision then there are many on-demand taxi companies who are looking for drivers. All you need to do is register on their website with your credentials and details and once approved, you can download the driver app and start work.

When you use this uber clone app, you will not have to worry about keeping change in your pocket or customers short changing you because the payment for the ride is deducted by the app as soon as the ride is complete and you will get your fare for sure.

This uber driver app clone works such that you can opt when to work. If you fancy working as a part-time driver in the evenings then you switch on the app accordingly. If you are a mum and looking to do something whilst your kids are at school then you can choose your hours by indicating your availability on the app.

The app allows riders to look for you so you don’t have to scour the streets looking for riders. The riders will locate you via their app and you can then accept the job.

One beauty of this app is that it has inbuilt navigation and geo-location features. This way you don’t have to worry about the best and fastest possible route because the app automatically does it for you. The location of the pickup and the drop off point are also indicated.

The app will also allow you to see your riding history and details of the fares you have earned so far. You also have the facility to rate and review the ride as well as check out what your passengers think about your services. Brilliant isn’t it.

Become a smart driver today

Are you looking to earn a little bit extra on the side? Or a looking for a job which helps you work out your work-life balance? Then check out your local taxi companies and see if you can work with them whilst adopting this smart technology. If your local taxi cab does not have it, then you can educate them on it or even invest in the uber clone app yourself and start your own on-demand cab company.