The Advantages of Using HDD VPS for Your Business Website

When looking for a web hosting solution for your website, choosing the right set of hardware is one of the primary criteria. Besides memory and CPU cores, as well as the quantity of GBs of storage, the quality that is the type of storage space is another significant aspect. Today we are going to explore one particular type of drive – HDD drives and see what are the benefits to be brought by them to your website on HDD VPS.

What is the Difference between Different Storage Types?

HDD drives aren’t the only drives available. There are two main types of drives – SSD and HDD drives as well as some subtypes of drives depending on the interface that is used to connect and communicate with the computer. What makes HDD and SSD drives different is the technology they are based on.

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. This is an older type of drive that was developed at the rise of the personal computer era. It is based on a rotating magnetic disk storing the information.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. This one is a significantly younger technology and is based on microchips.

SSD drives are a more expensive technology. With this, they offer however a higher speed rate which results in a significantly improved performance when we talk about memory-intensive tasks, as well as better durability due to the lack of moving parts that tend to wear out.

For this reason, in the area of web hosting nowadays the priority is often given to SSD drives. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make HDD drives obsolete and still leaves much space for their implementation.

The Usage Cases of HDD drives

HDD drives are indeed slower and wear out faster if used intensively. However, not all websites need this fast access to memory. Many websites perform fast enough with the more modest resources of HDD. With this, many site owners would be happy with the possibility to spare some money while having hundreds of gigabytes of disk space. These features of HDD drives make up their usage cases. Let’s have now a closer look at the advantages of HDD drives.

Advantages of HDD drives

A lot of storage space. An HDD drive can be a great option for businesses that need to store big amounts of data while the speed of accessing them is the second priority. This can be the case with huge of archives of various types of content, data on scientific research, and others.

Cost. An HDD for a given price will offer you significantly more GBs of storage than an SSD for the same price tag. A certain amount of GBs is available on an HDD which is much cheaper than an SSD for the same price tag. Whatever the circumstances, HDD will be always more cost-efficient than an SSD as long as the features of the latter aren’t necessary for your business.

Backups. One of the areas where there is a need for huge storage space which isn’t accessed too often is the creation of backups. Backups are a necessary strategy if you want that your precious information is always safe. At the same time, backups can be done in a rather slow pace and not too often. Therefore, HDD drives will cope perfectly with this task, storing as much backup information as you need.

Advantages of VPS

If you are looking for a hosting solution but you’re unsure which one is the optimal option for your business, let’s remind you what makes VPS particularly special.

Performance. Unlike shared hosting, VPS will be immensely reliable in terms of performance. You can easily get the amount of resources that you see necessary for your business website and be sure that it will be reserved to it no matter the circumstances.

Security. While security issues are often a problem with shared hosting, on VPS you can have peace of mind about it. A VPS works just like an independent unit and it’s security is hard to hack, even if other virtual machines on the server were captured by hackers. With this, VPS gives you the space to install high-quality security solutions of any type, which is another huge boost.

Root access. A VPS gives you everything a physical machine would give including the acces to the very core of your system. With this you can install any applications and customize you machine according to any needs.

Cost. Given that you don’t pay for more resource than your need, a VPS will be the most cost efficient solution for the majority of business websites.

Scalability. You get the amount of resources you ask for and you can also change this amount by simple request. Just contact the provider and very soon you plan will be updated.


HDD VPS is cheap and good, and is a perfect solution for storing big amounts of data without working with this data too intensively. If this seems like a perfect match for your business website, don’t hesitate and get yourself HDD VPS.