Identifying Technical Debt Is Important And Needs Specific Approach

The basic problem with technical debt lies in its existence. Often the development team does not know where to start from and where the actual bug lies. It can be in the designing or it can be in the structure and it becomes all the more difficult if the code base is a long one or is an old one. The bugs in such codes gets more and more hidden. It is not highlighted in the code or has any indication of its beginning or its end. When over time the codes get enhanced and maintained, things get commingled making it more difficult to address.

Use Metrics To Identify

Therefore, the developers have to be very careful and take specific approach in bug identification as longer it stays undetected, it will creep in to newer and better structured code as well. You have to formulate ways to indicate the defect and use proper metrics for it. All development teams that are well organized have their very own metrics and tools to identify fault is code which help them in easy and fast refactoring. If they find that the velocity has dropped suddenly, they take on immediate refactoring method to keep it fully functional.

It Can Be Found Anywhere

Tech debts are omnipresent and can be found at the point of integration, in the old libraries or within the components of the written languages which are less frequently in use by the developers. Therefore, it is always better to start with codes that are rarely touched or have too many frequent complaints of problems. It is also useful to ask those programmers to identify debt in the code who work with it daily. Once revealed, specific remediation should be done at the earliest so that debt does not accumulate and reach to unmanageable limits.

Maintain Specific Logs

It is better to maintain specific logs so that identification can be easy. Some useful logs can be the defect analysis log and the customer support log. These logs will tell you about the multiple defects that may arise in a specific section for a number of times which may be an indication of existence of debt. While refactoring such areas, risk and dependency are the two attributes that needs to be taken care of. If you find that the risk of refactoring is more than leaving it the way it is, then there is need of any code comment.

Dependency Is The Standard Part

Dependency between one class with another is the basic and the standard part for building a software. You have to revise the queries so that you can take the full advantage of the schema change and for this you have to update the data model beforehand. Unless you do so, enhanced components for searching will not be released and the feature will not be able to use the new searching capabilities. Once such identification of fault is done, you can now concentrate on the advantages and disadvantages of refactoring such faulty codes.

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