Science Shows eSports Players Are Real Athletes

There is a common belief in the world of sports that a certain degree of athleticism must be involved.
For a sport to truly be a sport in the minds of some fans, it must deal with intense physical activity or some type of competition that involves exerting energy to beat an opponent.

The growing trend of eSports has created a big controversy over whether these endeavors should be considered “real” sports. Going by the scientific analysis of the sports and the criteria people use to judge sports as a whole, it has been proven that these unique twists on sports still fall into the same category.

What Are eSports? How Popular Are They?

The digital age has changed the way people communicate, shop, and even compete. The growing trend of eSports represents an area of competition where the focus is less on face-to-face matters of athletic dominance and more on strategy.

The use of electric equipment in these proceedings helped eSports earn their name, and has also sparked a fierce debate among sports fundamentalists and those who advocate the definition of sports be allowed to evolve with the times.

Everything from video game tournaments to online poker contests fall into the broad category of eSports. But how do these events compare to traditional sports?

What Strains Do eSports Players Face?

In the world of sports, competitors face physical and mental strain as they attempt to come out victorious. Contests often see athletes being required to focus for long periods of time, testing their will and their commitment to perfecting their craft.

Historically, these strains have only been faced by athletes on the field, in the ring, or on the court. However, analysis of eSports players proves they face similar pressure. Players can become drained physically and mentally, meaning stamina and concentration are of the utmost importance.

Think about player of online poker tournaments who have to concentrate for ten plus hours a day over a few day stretch in order to come out on top. The mental strain that is required to concentrate on the odds of everyone’s hand playing Texas Hold’em over that time people has a significant physical toll as well.

How Much Does Concentration Matter in eSports?

Every sport has its naysayers. For everyone who understands the complexities of a game like American football, for example, there are those who view it as nothing more than big men slamming into one another at high speeds.

Likewise, eSports players are often viewed as nothing more than casual hobbyists hammering away at keyboards or gambling away their earnings on complete chance.

There are plenty of articles detailing the strategy behind games like poker, and even contests involving video games can require similar amounts of complex calculations and forward thinking. To excel, eSports participants must maintain a commitment to their craft just like any other athlete.