5 Things You Need to Know Before a Marketing Campaign Launch

Marketing Campaign is nothing but the promotion of a product through different platforms like internet, television, radio, print advertisement etc. Marketing Campaigns over the Web is called Digital Marketing and over other channels is Direct Marketing. The sole purpose is to promote brand awareness. Digital Marketing is the integrated marketing over the web, using different channels like PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, and SEO etc. While direct marketing includes practices in which from any Business the product is directly communicated to the customers, it is mainly a B2C platform like Flipkart or Telemarketing Services. The other forms of marketing where a long channel is followed from advertising over the Television to promotions on hoarding, and products are sold through distributors, retailers etc.

There are certain things which you must know before launching any Marketing Campaign

If you want to increase the reach of your business, or you want to go global, to increase your brand awareness and value, promotion is necessary. If you want to do Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, or any other form of Marketing, there are certain elements which you must take care of before launching any campaign.

1. Know your Product & Budget Estimation
The very first thing in any marketing campaign is you must know what you are selling to the public. You must be well aware what your product is. You must know what your business is all about. Then, only you will be able to find what exactly you need to do.

You should always estimate what Budget you have, and where likely you want to invest. Different channels demand different budgets. Suppose, you have an e-commerce business, which is handy in selling Lifestyle products and contains latest fashion products, with new style dresses, and hottest shoe-collections. If you likely to do digital marketing, SEO demands at least 650$ of per month investment. Your social media investment should always be 4x the investment you are putting in SEO, i.e. 2500$. Adwords mainly demands an investment of 1500$. And platforms like content generation, PPC, etc. up to 3000$.

This will help you to grab top ranking in search results and would allow the flow of traffic from other channels.

2. Research on Keywords and Target your Audience
If you are launching any campaign, you must know who your audience is. Now taking the above example only, if you are selling lifestyle products over your e-commerce platform. You must know that this will be likely visited by youths of age 18 – 35. Women of age up to 45 may also visit, and Men of age 40 would likely to visit more than others. Therefore, this is your focus age of the audience.

You must then understand what resources you have, where you can deliver the products quickly as faster service is always preferred by the customers. Therefore, if you are based in San Francisco, you should target local area marketing and reach up to local search results only. Suppose if you have a good reach in nearby cities and you also feel sales could be good in metros you may target them too.

Next comes the research for Keywords where actually the traffic is flowing, for this Google Keyword Planner which can help to know, on which keywords the traffic is actually high. You have to do some Data mining to understand what actually people are searching over the web, which is related to your business. You have to determine on what keywords traffic is high and competition is less, and start your plan of action as according.

3. Understand your Goal and make your – Plan of Action
“Content is the king” – over the web, content only rules all search platforms. If you are planning to do SEO, you have to start strategically with your content marketing strategy, which may also include an image, audio, video etc.

You have to optimize it for the web, and start to build quality backlinks for the page. This should always be remembered that a page is always ranked and not the website. The real-time traffic can also be checked through Google Analytics and past history can also be analyzed for improving the efforts you are putting in your campaign.

The SEO must be done on white hat techniques if you don’t want Google or other search engines to penalize you. Guest Posting is the best way to effectively build backlinks of good quality from authorized websites. You should also do press releases from highly authorized websites, which holds good ranking in Alexa Rankings.

The Building of quality backlinks from good authorized websites helps in placing your website at the top in the search results. This checks competition and increases trustworthiness among the users if your website is at the top. You should also focus on Google Adwords, initially when you are not ranking at the top in organic search results. Work with a team of professionals in different fields, who can also guide you when you need any help.

The social media platform is also a marketing boom. Driving the right traffic can be very effectively achieved from social media channels like Facebook through Facebook PPC, and can data can also be analyzed and checked through Facebook Analytics. You can also do marketing on other social media platforms like Twitter, Quora, YouTube etc. “If you want to reach more, you have to increase more”.

E-mail Marketing and Pay per click is also a good way of bringing traffic to your website. You must secure your seat on all channels for effective marketing strategy.

4. Audit and Make a Report to Improve the corner areas
“Nothing is perfect in the world”. Therefore, there will be corner areas where improvement is desirable, and hence you must make an audit of your marketing campaign, and generate a proper report to look into areas which need improvement.

Google Search Console is generally used by webmasters, to understand indexing status and optimize visibility status of your website.l

5. Communicate with your customers to improve brand reputation
Communication helps in generation of feedbacks, to know where you have to improve in services. Marketing campaigns do allow to increase brand awareness and bring customers on board, but it also helps you in knowing the glitches in your services. It also helps you in understanding the areas you need to improve for reaching more and the right audiences. This can be done through Email marketing to know feedbacks from customers or through the generation of SMS, through which you can also keep updating them about your brand. This helps in brand engagement and enhances conversion rate optimization (CRO), which in turn progresses Reputation Management of your brand.


For a successful marketing campaign launch, and for a good outcome, you must focus on these five things in general, which help not only in brand awareness but also in brand engagement with your customers, and will improve the reputation and authority of your website.

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