“Wanna Cry” The new face of ransom in IT Industry

On May 12, 2017, the business world suffered one of the most destructive cyber-attacks known to date. Today we will give you an insight on this crazy new cyber-attack: “Wanna Cry” is a ransomware virus that has affected more than 200,000 computers located in more than 150 countries globally, encrypting multiple files and requesting a rescue Reward in bitcoins. What […]

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Become a self-employed Professional Driver on your terms through Taxi Driver App

Gone are the days when driving was considered a job that was “beneath” you. In many countries, you get highly educated people driving for a living. And why not? You do whatever that is going to put food on the table and support your family. The beauty of this profession is that it is an international profession. Wherever you are […]

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WhatsApp’s Data and Message Transfer to a New Phone without any Loss Soon..!!

WhatsApp messenger is a free software, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application and cross platform for smartphones. It provides messaging service over internet alternative for traditional messaging service. There have been many apps created with the similar features. However, they can’t be reached the position obtained by the WhatsApp. At present nearly has a billion users over the world. The app […]

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Whatsapp has acquainted video-calling feature with its flying colors

Whatsapp is one of the most essential and popular messaging application which let the user communicate with each other throughout the world. About 160 million users make use of these applications each day. The use of Whatsapp application is both useful and tracking tool as each and everyone makes use of these applications due to its barrage of being meaningless […]

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Online Gaming Technology Today: What Does It Mean For The Future

The online games gained great notoriety from the late nineties with the popularization of the network. When this universe of play and fiction penetrated the Internet went from being a mainly solitary activity to a shared experience. And in this shared experience lies precisely one of the main virtues highlighted by the experts who defend this type of games. Titles […]

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Project Management For Your Web Project – Top Apps of 2017


As web applications become more and more complex, the need for proper project management becomes more and more apparent. Complex coding routines, modules and functions when coupled with a development team as opposed to an individual can become a living nightmare for all parties involved. This is why proper project management is now a necessity rather than a luxury or […]

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