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WhatsApp’s Data and Message Transfer to a New Phone without any Loss Soon..!!

WhatsApp messenger is a free software, end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application and cross platform for smartphones. It provides messaging service over internet alternative for traditional messaging service. There have been many apps created with the similar features. However, they can’t be reached the position obtained by the WhatsApp. At present nearly has a billion users […]

The Future of Client Reporting – Time to Go Real-Time

  In today’s fast-paced society, quick and efficient communication has become an imperative. Whether your project requires more time and resources or it includes more simple tasks, clients just want to know the answers instantly, at any given time. Not only do they want an easy and fast access to information, but they also want […]

Project Management For Your Web Project – Top Apps of 2017


As web applications become more and more complex, the need for proper project management becomes more and more apparent. Complex coding routines, modules and functions when coupled with a development team as opposed to an individual can become a living nightmare for all parties involved. This is why proper project management is now a necessity […]