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Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

2017 was a remarkable year for app development. But it is time to end the year and welcome 2018 with more innovative mobile app development trends. With every passing year, the mobile app is reaching the next level creativity and productivity and are resolving real-time problems in the most efficient way. In the current era, the mobile phone has become […]

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Coding Made Fun: Entertaining Applications For Teaching Kids Coding

Computer programming is a popular and potentially profit-making profession, which is why these days, some parents aspire their kids to grow up to become software programmers. Along with a fun environment, computer programming can also assist children to enhance the essential critical-thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. It also inspires kids to become creators and not just users of technology. If […]

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What Are the Results of Trending Micro Apps on Android App Development?

The past couple of years have witnessed the rise of micro apps. These are just what you would interpret them literally. Micro represents the size of the app which has considerably gone down without affecting the performance in anyway. While micro apps are trending, and have all the good reasons to be popular, these are affecting the way mobile app […]

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How to create a website on a cheap budget

Most of us are conditioned to always associate cheap with inferior quality. However, that truly isn’t always the case. Today, achieving an exceptional quality of things on a cheap budget is possible. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner on a tight budget looking for a start-up website or a professional looking for a bargain, we have got you! We […]

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How to Build Your Instagram Community With Three Tips

Instagram has become a mobile-first, popular, and visual platform. It has more users daily than twitter. According to statistics, there are more than 95 million pictures posted and 4.2 billion likes every day. The best thing is that despite how fast it’s growing, it’s less noisy than Twitter and Facebook. It has become the perfect platform to get anything, from […]

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Kotlin programming language for android app development

Kotlin programming language built by JetBrains has become official android app development tool for developers. The language runs on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and developers can apply it like other JVM languages for android development. Though android doesn’t use JVM exactly, yet we all are aware of the fact that Java roots are stronger, and it is the interoperability […]

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