Author: Safikul Islam

Web Developer & SEO Specialist with 3+ years of experience in Open Source Web Development, specialized in Custom PHP & WordPress development. He is also the moderator of this blog "WebTechHelp".

Why Choose an ATS for Your Recruitment Agency?

When you for opt for an ATS software you need to think of a number of options. Since you cannot just start off with a recruitment agency without a full-house arrangements. There are stuff that you need to take, starting from your recruitment personnel to the tools that you employ to handle your managerial tasks. […]

The Future of Client Reporting – Time to Go Real-Time

  In today’s fast-paced society, quick and efficient communication has become an imperative. Whether your project requires more time and resources or it includes more simple tasks, clients just want to know the answers instantly, at any given time. Not only do they want an easy and fast access to information, but they also want […]

7 Mobile App Development Trends to follow in 2017

A decade ago, nobody would have really imagined that smartphones will be such an inseparable part of every being’s life. Waking up with an alarm set up on the smartphone, checking WhatsApp and Facebook first thing in the morning, using cab booking apps to reach office, checking mails, updating the projects to team, communicating with […]

5 ways startups can boost their Instagram audience

Instagram is a now among the top social media marketing platforms in the world, and most of us are addicted to it. Today if you are starting a business and you are looking for a massive following you will need to run a successful social media marketing campaign. Having a social media marketing account, not […]

Features Your Small Business Website Must Have

We live in a connected world and almost everyone accesses the Internet on a daily basis. If they want to purchase something or find a service, they use the search engines rather than asking their associates or consulting a phone book. If you want to get attention from your prospective customers in today’s connected world, […]

Boost Your Social Media Followers

For most business or for personal blogging, generation leads the best or ultimate benefit of maintaining or creating social media presence, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. As much follower or fans you have in your sites or page the better reach you will have. Nowadays social media leads the generation, so you must take strong […]

Tips for a Better Ecommerce Website

Gone are those days when people used to travel long distances and visit the retail stores to get their products. Over the past few years, Ecommerce business has become one of the most competitive businesses. You have to keep in mind that the customers are just a click away from another e-commerce website when they […]